Yuval Noah Harari – WE STAND ON THE EDGE OF SILICON LIFE 29July2022

Yuval Noah Harari tweeted a spell on July 29, 2022. Learn about it here: it's necessary to understand exactly why this was done. Transhumanism achieved renders Post-humans heartless. Understanding cannot be separated from morals. The heart functions as the conscience.

mRNA Termination Death's Gain of Function

RNA Termination Sequence Killswitch Gain of Function.

I really can’t say it any more clearly. That is what the NSF grant was for in 2010. mRNA and RNA have termination sequences while DNA regenerates.


Hunt Brothers is a pizza franchise seen at gas stations and convenience stores which sell gasoline, a petroleum product profited upon by Rockefeller, all over the United States of America...


Judas sold out Yeshua the Messiah for thirty pieces of silver, and then he regretted that, tried to give it back, and hung himself... Osiris modified human beings with food, using it to maintain a visible form less reptilian-looking, and that is depicted in the magic spells.

The Crocodiles of Ramree

NationalGeographic.com describes the Japanese’ problem, the nightmare predator,  Crocodylus porosus. The saltwater crocodile:  “Earth’s largest living crocodilian—and, some say, the animal most likely to eat a human—is the saltwater or estuarine crocodile. Average-size males reach 17 feet and 1,000 pounds, but specimens 23 feet long and weighing 2,200 pounds are not uncommon.

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