Speaking of gain of function, this morning’s dream.

July 25, 2022

I woke up this morning when a dream ended. It was just before the sky began to lighten, about 5:30AM. I knew I would remember it, as I do with significant dreams, without immediately writing it down. Then my day began.

The dream:

I was ‘in town’, on a sidewalk in front of shop, the color palette of this was greyscale. There were a few people around me but no one was listening to what I was saying as I tried to explain the gain of function and sin connection. As I felt how sad for them because they not only ignored me but reviled me, instantly I was in front of a two-sided staircase being swept up the right side noticing solid gold banisters on polished smooth white steps to the huge balcony of a beautiful, gleaming, shining white palace where I – and this was all instantaneous and natural, supposed-to-happen, like – continued what I had been trying to tell the people in the colorless town. I saw an endless sea of faces and everyone was eager to hear what I was beginning to say, and it felt so perfect and I was so happy I could tell them, and I woke up.

The day began and the first thing I saw on my website stats was that Hong Kong SAR China had viewed The Ascension Diet Eating to Ascend 28 times, when normally if they do visit, it’s been at most 4 views, once, but usually 1 or 2. The article DELIVER US FROM GAIN OF FUNCTION had the most hits, and then RNA Termination Sequence Killswitch Gain of Function., and I went to it as a viewer: four images were missing and one sentence was missing words. I restored the article, and then re-published it, to drive the point home, as it were.

Hours passed as I worked on the projects I am dedicated to completing, and then I recalled that I had had the dream.

Another prophetic dream, but what does this one foretell? Where is this white palace I felt so overjoyed to be in, where I was taken up the stairs by a wind without using my feet? Who is the audience? Why has China become interested? Did I really decode sin in the body and its connection to gain of function as I think I have? Am I about to leave the body and go home? Is this rapture-related or specifically my own individual journey?

I think it’s interesting that I ‘forgot’ to recall the deam and record it until this afternoon. Yet when I awoke it was indelibly imprinted in emblazoned light in my memory. That palace SHONE FROM WITHIN.

I take dreams like this very seriously. I mean, the Ganga River gave me a halo. I had the NOT FOR A CONSTANT MOMENT BUT THE WORLD WILL BE OBLITERATED vision at age 19, the premonition of my mother’s suicide (which I saved her from), the premonition of my brother Charlie’s suicide (which I did not), the angel appearing as simultaeneously a stargate opened over where I lived the day before my daughter-in-law Nichole died (December 19, 2018), and many, many more supernatural experiences, many of which I have recounted here over the last four-1/2 years. I am a vegan; I do frequently at least Daniel fast, detox a lot, drink only distilled water, and have been doing all of this for going on seven years. But I have always had “the sight”, or, been “a sensitive”.

Have I foreseen Heaven and how I will truly be seen, heard and valued? Because second to being eye-to-eye with Jesus at age four, it was the best feeling I have ever felt in my life. I was placed before the crowd to speak because it was TRUTH I WAS SAYING AND IT WAS VALUED.

We fight this spiritual battle with prayer and by using the talents we have been given by YHWH to help others break free from the deceptions they are under.

If that is true, imagine how it could be for you, if you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, who defeated gain of function, which is sin and death. He is the Light, and He is the Door, and the only way to get out of what is coming alive in the eternal sense.

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