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DREAM, July 26, 2022

DREAM, July 26, 2022

[The dream]

I was with a man helping him remain upright while he was fighting collapse under forces of great pressure and pain, his back against a wall. We were in a hallway and he had fallen backward into a telephone niche in a green and grey colored, too LED artificial light hospital corridor, with shining chrome railings defining stark inevitability to a fearsomely intimidating perspective point.

He was suffering, and I put my forehead against his as his hot sweat poured from his bleeding hair and face into my eyes. In dream-time it was laden with meaning I didn’t have words for. A blue latex-gloved hand appeared offering a white opiate painkiller, and the man looked at it shaking his head ‘no’. Refusing gave him resolve and he stood up and walked down the hall, me at his side in case he should fall, the scene surreal in aspect because of the vanishing point made by the railings.

[Scene change, no transition, my dream now is as if I am the camera and the viewfinder focus is tightly framed]

As the end of the cross was dropped into the hole upright the weight of his body tore at the holes in his hands and his head jerked forward violently yet he uttered no pain.

My conciousness said “He took ours” and I woke up.

All day I thought about this simple but momentous dream.

They call that a “Third Eye Kiss”. DMT, the “Spirit Molecule”, is made in the pineal gland, especially uncalcified.

“If your eye is single, your whole body is full of light,” Jesus, Matthew 6:22

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