October 1, 2021

Father Savvas: I would like to present to you a personal testimony of a Priest-Monk, who made the mistake of getting vaxxed. This is his confession.
If anyone wants to kow his name I can tell you privately. He is a priest under Archbishop Ieronymos of Greece.
I will be reading directly from the publication, which fortunately, it is still on the internet.

“With a few words, I will relate my experience after taking my first dosage of the Pfizer vaccine. God obstructed me with many signs before taking the vaccine, due to shortness in time I will not mention all of them.

As I was heading towards the vaxxination center, right before I was getting ito the queu I felt something was obstructing my approach. As I approached, I felt (smelled) a stench that surprised me”, said the monk.

Father Savvas: You see God cautioned him and he still went ahead.

“While I was taking the vaccine, others were waiting outside. As I was leaving I was unable to wear my Kalimafi (priest hat). I felt a great shame within myself, and left holding my kalimafi in my hands.”

Father Savvas: As you can see, he began to feel the demonic influence right away, as he was ashamed to wear his Kalimafi even though he is a priest.

“Arriving home, I went to the bathroom to wash my face. Upon looking at the mirror I was frightened at my face due to the expression I had. The next day I went shopping at the supermarket and since it is still the period after Pascha (before the leave-taking), I would normally greet the shopkeepers with “Christos Anesti (Christ is Risen!)” or respond “Alithos Anesti (Indeed He is Risen)”.

Father Savvas: So as you know for forty days after the resurrection we refrain from saying “Hello/Good day”, and replace the phrase with “Christ is risen”. And the other Christian should respond “Alithos Anesti” and not say “likewise”.

“As a Priest monk, I was surprised to discover that I was very ashamed to say “Christos Anesti” to the shopkeepers. This greatly overwhelmed me.”

Father Savvas: He began to realize more intensely that something was not going well in his soul.

“A day later I went and attended a divine service at a local church, but not to liturgize the service as the priest. Upon entering the Altar I felt as if I was dead.”

Father Savvas: You see, a living spiritual person notices the difference straight away.

“The joy I used to feel at the divine service was lost. It was as if I was not entering the altar of a Holy Church, but as if I had entered the room of a house. all these things surprised me, but at the time I did not believe they stemmed from the vax. I saw familiar parishioners turn their faces away from me. The next day I found out that my conscience was causing me terrible pain. It is as if I had been pierced my heart with such pain I have never felt in my life. I told this to a fellow Archimadrite (Monastic Priest), of what I was feeling, and he consoled me. He told me words along the lines of; “It’s nothing, don’t worry about it.” Upon leaving I found that this pain in my conscience was relentless and was deepening further within me. After that day forward I was in a deeply troubled state which lasted thirteen days. I could not sleep or quiet down.

Now allow me to explain the most terrible part. Day and night I constantly saw Satan in front of me, his face twenty millimeters distance from mine. I went to sleep at night, and felt him hugging me, and I would get cold all over. I would read the Salutations (χαιρετισμούς) to the Virgin Mary and I would feel as if my blood was burning in my veins. I felt a foreign presence within me and it was judging me. I felt a horror as if someone was saying: You belong to me now.”

Father Savvas: Do you understand how terrible these things are? And very true because we personally know this person. In turn, this proves another experience of another Priest-monk who was doing exorcisms, and the demon being pressed told the truth while having a monologue:
“Why am I telling you this? I don’t want to tell you this, but I am being pressed.”

Father Savvas: The Priest-monk replied, “I am not pressing you.” The demon replied, “I am being forced to tell you. We did a ceremony at a Lodge in America for the vaccines.”

Father Savvas: The satanists performed a ceremony for the vaccines. Furthermore the demon said: “Those who take this vaccine will be unable to repent.”

Now this may seem too harsh. The Priest-monk then asked “Why won’t they be able to repent?”
The demon responded, “Because I will be inside of them.”

You can see a correlation with the initial Priest-monk who was saying the same thing, that he felt Satan inside of him and saw him 20mm away from his face telling him “you belong to me”.

The Priest-Monk performing the exorcism was having a dialogue with the demon. The demon was speaking through the demon-possessed person. The demon told him: “Those who took the vaccine cannot repent because I am inside of them.” The Priest-monk asked, “How are you inside of them?” The demon answered, “With the blood of the aborted fetuses.”

We have mentioned previously that fetuses were used in the vaccine and were purposely murdered for their cells. These cells were extracted from the living fetuses by these atheistic scientists and doctors who don’t hold anything sacred and holy. They also remove the organs from a living fetus. If the fetus is dead, the organs and the cells are useless. Therefore they were not taking the fetuses from a waste bin. Which even if they were, does not make itmorally right, as an abortion had taken place. However, in this case, the fetuses were specifically prepared for an abortion. So the devil confesses, :I am already inside those who took it via the blood of the fetuses.”

So this confession of this demon ocrrelates with the Priest-monk who was seduced into taking the vaccine.

So as we previously read; he was saying he was ashamed to wear his kalimafi, to say Christos Anesti, how he felt dead whilst being in the holy altar, how everyone turned their faces away from hoim because his face was altered, how for thirteen days he could not sleep or settle down, and most terrifying of all, day and night was seeing the face of Satan from his face at a 20mm distance continuously, and how he felt Satan was hugging him, and though he was trying to read the Salutations, his blood was burning in his veins, and he felt someone saying to him “You belong to me now.”

This the Priest-monk continues: “I had stayed at my family home in case of an adverse reaction; after a few days I left. At the Monastery I currently reside, at the Divine Liturgy, I found that I could not undrestand a thing. I felt as if I was dead, I was constantly rushing through the service, felt a great anxiety, not a speck of joy, I felt as if I was not a priest or even a baptized Christian! I reached a point unable to speak as if I had lost my voice. I felt my life was dark and a constant state of despair.”

Father Savvas: You see this person made this mistake and is being humbled. This means he has an ecclesialogical conscience. This is very important, as there are others who have made this mistake, and after seeing this mistake do not confess it, so that they may warn others. Let’s continue reading.

“While I was in this hopeless state, a familiar family came to visit the monastery. I spoke with the mother. She said to me ‘Father, why are you speaking like this? Many people after taking the first dosage, do not end up taking the second disage. So you, too, should not take the second dosage!'”

Father Savvas: She gave him some courage.

“As she was telling me these words, I felt a certain refreshing dew entering my soul.

Father Savvas; This was from God.

“I was consoled by God’s Grace.”

Father Savvas; Because he had begin to repent, God sents people to console him, to inform us. This is how God works during such situations. Just a word, though many times irrelevant, shows us the way. So she said, “Okay, you made a mistake, don’t make the next mistake”, i.e. don’t take the second dosage. Let’s continue:

“I find it unnecessary to mention the despair I went through and the tears I shed. I don’t know whether it’s a coincidence or not, but exactly forty days after the vaccine I started to feel the Grace of God again.”

Father Savvas: After forty days he began to feel he was baptized again. He came back with repentance. So he confessed his sin, received the rite of forgiveness, and shed many tears. As it is written here; he cried continuously for forty days and only then did he receive the grace of the Holy Spirit.

“I began to feel peace and consolation, that God had forgiven me for what I had done, even though I had no knowledge of what this vaccine actually was.”

Sadly, there are many people like this, not everyone is indifferent; there are others who are directed by tyranny and fear, or by pressure, by their children, or doctors, et cetera. However, when you have the correct information you don’t submit to all of this. This poor fellow was seduced, but now has corrected his actions. So after forty days he bagan to feel the forgiveness of God.

“I do not dare or want to know what would have happened to me if I had taken the second dosage of the vaccine. The only thing I can say is that God felt sorry for me. Even though I now feel better, I have not recovered to the state I was in prior to taking the vaccine. In my humble opinion, this vaccine by Pfizer that I took is a mark (seal), but not the final mark. Most likely a forerunner for the final mark of the beast (Book of Revelations).”

Father Savvas: This last statement correlates with another remark made by a demon during another exorcism. A close friend of mine, a respectable Priest-monk had told me. He had a dialogue with a demon at an exorcism. This demon told him, “Yes this vaccine is not the final mark (stamp), but it is still a mark, a forerunner, and those who are like you, when they take the vaccine they lose their light. A short man had burned us with these exorcisms!”

Father Savvas; This short priest (Elder) is well known and performs exorcisms. The demon continued: “Now that he (the short priest) took the vaccine, he has lost his strength. Now I am able to approach him and kiss his hand!” Previously the demon would tremble with this Elder. But now that the Elder has taken the vaccine the demon is able to get his blessing. This correlates with the Preist-monk we have been reading about [who said]: “Even though now I feel better, I have not yet recovered to the state I was in prior to taking the vaccine.”

As you can see, these vaccines not only cause physical (biological) harm but spiritual harm also. we have read this testimony as an example, and it is from a person living a proper ecclesiastical (church-minded) life. Because we have previously said, when someone makes a mistake that is impacting many otehrs, it’s most beneficial to correct this mistake publicly. This is in order to protect othewr members of our Holy church from making the same mistake.

As St. Chystostomos says, “The lukewarm Christians are living in comfort.” The lukewarm are those who want to combine everything: the world, Christ, hedonism (love of sexual pleasure), avarice (love of money), the external appearances (vanity), to not be disenfranchised (segregated), go to church, take Holy Communion, Holy Confession, et cetera. These lukewarm “Christians” cause the most damage to the church. And they don’t admit to their mistakes, as they think they do everything correctly. If they make a mistake, they don’t correct it. They do not publicly repent of their sin so they may protect those around them. As it is written in the Book of Revelations, these are people that God will spit out (vomit them out). It is best to be hot or cold, never lukewarm. The one who is spiritually cold may at one point understand their spiritual blindness and become hot. God wants us to be hot. However, the lukewarm are comfortable.

Sadly, most people nowadays are lukewarm. As mentioned by Father Athanasios Mitilinaios, most Christians are lukewarm. We too are lukewarm and need to stop being lukewarm. To a faithful person of God death does no exist, this is the reality. We have forgotten this and presently fear death.

Not only do we fear death, we also fear being fined, possible imprisonment, and prosecution. I NO case can a person call themselves a Christian if they fear death. When a person fears dying they become an idolator or an atheist. Instead, a Christian should long to die. The saints wanted to die. The reason why Christians truly want to pass away is so they can be fully united to the Lord they worship and love above all else. They want to go and are joyful when they are passing away.

However they never cause death to themselves; they do not commit suicide. But when the opportunity arises to become a martyr and confessor for Christ, they do this without fear of death. Unfortunately, these things are not being heard from the preachers, bishops and priests, but as you know are heard from the demons. A well-respected Priest-monk who performs exorcisms once told me what a demon said to him. The demon said to him; “How are you Christians fearful of death? I have seduced and deceived you into taking the vaccine with the fear of death!”

Father Savvas; A demon agian confesses that the vaccines are his doing. In fact, he says: “We did a ceremony at a Lodge in America for the vaccines.”
See what the demon confesses!

The demon continues: “What did you fear? For you (Christians), death does not exist.”

Father Savvas: For Christians, death does not exist. Do you understand fellow brothers and sisters what we have come to? In the Gospels, Christ said something correlating with our present situation. When He entered Jerusalem and the children were calling out “Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!” the children were proclaiming Jesus as the awaited Messiah. And others who were indignant were saying to Jesus:

“Are you hearing what they are saying to you?” And Christ respons: “I tell you that if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.”

So correlating with today’s situation, now that the priests and Archpriest are not proclaiming that death has been conquered, the demons are proclaiming it instead: “How are you Christains fearful of death? And are all running to take this vaccine?”

Father Savvas: Which isn’t really a vaccine, but rather a gene therapy/technology, with the aim of oppressing humans. This is the aim, which is why there will be more dosages. In fact. there are many people who say there will be seven dosages. The demons also state there will be seven dosages

Those who were deceived into taking the first or second dosage, hopefully will not take the remaining dosages. May hey repent, weep and go to confession, because their salvation is in danger. We all ought to be vigilant of this.

Father Savvas; I’ll read another Priest-monk’s testimony to you all, which was published on the internet unless now it’s been erased. Because whatever is true these days, is usually censored oin the ingternet. As you know, the internet is Satan’s. Unfortunately, the internet is not governed by God’s people. Whatever they want to remove, as much as possible they eliminate anything that is good and right.

So this Priest-monk who published his testimony on the internet said: “I considered taking the vaccine was nothing. So I went and got it. But after I got it, I lost my prayer. I felt Satan coming and hugging me. For forty days I could not even say ‘Lord have mercy.'”

Father Savvas: This Priest-monk has testified this publicly. I personally kow him. He is from a Monastery in Peloponese. He also urges everyone not to make his mistake (of getting vaccinated), and whoever has already taken it, to not take any further dosages, which will cause more harm for both body and soul.

In conclusion, these are things I wanted to say to you brothers and sisters in Christ. As you can see, there are many testimonies from many individuals. God even called the demons to give a testimony. Remember what the demon was saying to the Priest-monk during the exorcism? “Why am I telling you all this?! I do not want to tell you, but I am being pressed!”.

We must also remember that the devil lies too, however, there are many times the devil says the truth, especially when forced with the prayers that are read during an exorcism. Likewise, we read in the Gospels, the demon was saying the truth to Jesus:

“You are the Son of God!”

Father Savvas; The demons confessed that Christ is God.

Let us take these things into account so that we don’t fall into this trap of sata, Which, as tyoiu can see, Satan is using much force to direct all of humanity into this trap so he can kill as many as possible. This is the murderer (man killer) that Satan is. This is now all coming into fruition with what is happening worldwide. The devil wants to take as many souls as possible, this is his final goal. If all these things (vaccines) were good, why would they make them mandatory? Something that is good is not forced. You see Christ, whenever He went to heal someone He would ask “Do you want to becoime well?” Therse rulers nowadays are trying to force us all to be well. That’s what they think. However, they don’t want to make us healthy, quite the opposite is occurring actually.

Because we know these vaccines cause sterility and thousands of other adverse reactions. Over two million were recorded in Europe. And over 600,000 adverse reactions in America. Over 21,000 deaths in Europe, and 14,000 in America [actual figure many magnitudes higher – EatingToAscend]. These are all mainstream statistics that you can find online.

Therefore we do not need to eat idiotic grass and sleep with our boots on (Greek expression: we don’t need to be idiots). Under no circumstances are we to accept these things that the evil one is selling us. May God bless us all, may John the Baptist guide us to not only cease committing evil, but to all out evil when we see it. Whoever cowers and is silent beofre sin becomes an accessory and accomplice to sin.

So what I tell you, you need to tell others, inform all our siblings so that they may not fall into this trap by Satan, and lose the Kingdom of God. Amen.

Father Savvas (also spelled Savas) is an Ascetic from Mount Athos and teacher of the faithful in Northern Greece. For more explicit and much-needed truths, please visit, where a vast library of sermons and talks by Father Savvas are available asMP3s and texts at There is also a YouTube channel, The Orthodox Ethos. Father Savvas is greatly informed and I recommend that all explore his words and be blessed with the Grace of the Most High God transmitting through him.

Let’s listen to what our Saints say, let us become spiritually vigilant and tell others who perhaps are not properly informed, perhaps not properly guided by supposed spiritual fathers who do not properly guide their flock – they may even be hierarchs – including those that have been misinformed by the mass media of deception [propaganda] and have been terrorized. Let us inform all these people of the truth. As even those governing us are saying, “We are going through an exercise.” You may have heard this on TV? This is not something great and scary that is happening, proof being that this year’s deaths are significantly less in total than last year’s deaths in Greece. Therefore, where is the pandemic? Where does the pandemic exist? If a pandemic existed, there would have been millions of victims. Yet the total deaths are lower than last year when we did not have this supposed pandemic.

All these people from mainstream media claim that so many people have died. But in reality, they have not died from COVID – the government spokesman said that they had other serious illnesses. Ninety six percent of those they said died from COVID in Italy had existing medical conditions which led to their death. This means they would have died anyway. Therefore, we should not listen to these misleading reports. It is an exercise in submission by the New World Order which wants to impose globally this caste of Cabalists, Zionists, who are now testing to see whether the plans they have in place can be successfully implemented. In other words, a one world government, global domination, and they afflict billions of the world’s people leading many of them to death.

Because when someone constantly wears these muzzles (masks) they are breathing their own carbon dioxide all day and inhale again the air they have exhaled together with the microbes which collect inside the mask; this person will get sick and die far more easily than someone who does not wear a mask.

They are also bringing this vaccine which will complete their work, the same people that are talking about reducing the population. There exists on the Internet a video where Bill Gates says that if we succeed and everything goes well with the vaccine and the other measures we are taking we will succeed in reducing the global population by 15 percent and he considers this a success, eliminating 1 billion people! And he’s saying this to our face, that this will happen through the vaccine. There exist naïve, very naïve people who will rush to get the vaccine. We owe it to them to forewarn and inform them of all this.” – Father Savvas

I encourage you to start at the beginning, but have begun at 21:00, and ask you to pay careful attention beginning 21:58! We have nothing to fear as Children of the Light.

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