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The Magnetic Superstorm They Are Warning Of

The links in this article are in BLUE: PLEASE READ THEM. Being lazy and skimming or skipping them is only you cheating yourself out of understanding and possible wisdom and discernment, which will harm your soul.

June 13, 2022

I have written both here and in greater depth for my Patreon supporters how the narrative controllers, the mouthpieces of Satan working for the principalities and powers of agency NASA, under domain titles including and, are hiding the fact that the Nibiru (PlanetX, The Destroyer, The Purifier, Wormwood, Nemesis) is HERE, using geoengineering and asteroid deflecting technology and Operation Solar Warden, Skynet (spearheaded by China and Bill Gates – Baltimore was one of the first cities to implement it) and the SpaceFence, with the surface of the earth covered in a WiFi mesh made by mast towers, the IoT and satellites, to trap souls. They very well understand how to trap souls leaving the body husks: they studied it ad nauseum and published the findings in the Gateway Conciousness document. And physicist Dan Winter has added even more real-world comprehension, taking it far beyond the dry Fort Meade language and implications of this SOUL TRAPPING.

GATEWAY CONSCIOUSNESS DOCUMENT in downloadable PDF form, click to save


There certainly is a “MAGNETIC SUPERSTORM” coming: it’s been prophecied (prediction by The Creator is always true, look again at His Mandelbrot and Fibonacci and Gematria perfections).

They will take the opportunity to obfuscate it with calimities they foment: famines, engineered climate storms and fires, fake diseases like Monkeypox, which is really the end stage effects of nanotechnology activated by microwaves (5G and wifi), and ultimately, multi-strike nuclear war such as China is about to perform, which I disclosed in my book from intel dating back to 2020!

And now the NASA liars (read this – THE EYE OF HORUS APPROACHING EARTH HAS BEEN DETECTED IN OUR MAGNETOSPHERE RELOADED, which I originally published in August 2018) re-introduce the SOLAR MAXIMUM, as if the lie of the grand solar minimum no longer is – it never was. THEY CALL WEATHER METEOROLOGY BECAUSE ALL WEATHER IS A RESULT OF THE ELLIPTICAL VISITATIONS OF THE CROSS-SHAPED NIBIRU SYSTEM, a MACROCOSM shape of the WATER MOLECULE IN MOTION, all of our CELLS, and why JESUS CHRIST IS THE LIVING WATER. (Sadly, most are too dumbed down and steeped in tradition, which is gematria number 666, incidentally).

So here’s the latest nest of lies from “Dr.” Tony Phillips of What a sad excuse for a human this is, weaving untruths in ways that herd souls to eternal perdition! (He even predated the article by 24 hours, more changing of times these magicians love to do). Keep in mind that when he writes of “resistive structures in the [earth’s] crust”, these locations are heavily polluted by petrochemicals, the particulate of stratospheric aerosols from sixty-plus years of chemtrails, and HAARP and mast twoers and satellite activated direct energy weapons and nanobots – all now in bodies, which is what they call COVID-19:

“June 13, 2022: Researchers have mapped the best and worst places to be in the USA during a severe geomagnetic storm. For residents of some big cities, the news is not good.

“Resistive structures in the crust and mantle of the Earth make cities along the east coast of the USA especially vulnerable to geomagnetic storms,” says Jeffrey Love of the US Geological Survey (USGS), who led the study. “The hazards are greatest for power systems serving Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, DC, – a megalopolis of over 50 million people.”

Space Magnetic Superstorm 12June2022

These conclusions are based on a new study of the biggest geomagnetic storm of the Space Age–the Great Québec Blackout. On March 13, 1989, two major CMEs hammered Earth’s magnetic field, knocking out the Hydro-Québec power grid. Millions of Quebecois spent a long winter night without heat or light.

What would happen if the same geomagnetic storm struck again? That’s what Love’s team wanted to find out. Back in 1989 while the lights were out in Québec, magnetic observatories around North America recorded the details of the storm. Love’s team combined those old data with new measurements of rock and dirt to map modern hazard zones.

Freshman physics students know that changing magnetic fields cause electrical currents to flow through conductors. It’s called “Faraday’s Law,” and it happens during every geomagnetic storm. Earth’s magnetic field shifts and vibrates, inducing currents in everything from the rocks and soil beneath your feet to the power lines running overhead. Earth itself forms an electrical circuit with power lines, and if too much current flows into the power grid it can cause a blackout.

In 1989 researchers didn’t have much detailed information about the Earth-half of the circuit. That has changed. In 2006, the National Science Foundation-funded Earthscope project began sounding our planet’s crust around North America to determine the 3D electrical properties of deep rock; the project is now being continued with funding from the USGS. It turns out, there are huge variations in conductivity from place to place. The type of rock a city sits on determines how vulnerable it is to geomagnetic storms.

In retrospect, Québec is especially vulnerable. The province sits on an expanse of Precambrian igneous rock that does a poor job conducting electricity. When the March 13th CME arrived, storm currents found a more attractive path in the high-voltage transmission lines of Hydro-Québec. Unusual frequencies (harmonics) began to flow through the lines, transformers overheated and circuit breakers tripped.

Assuming that the Québec storm was underway again, Love’s team mapped electric fields around much of North America. Measured in units of Volts per kilometer (V/km), these fields predict how much current will be pushed through wires at ground level. The higher the value, the bigger the hazard.

“Peak 1-min-resolution geoelectric field amplitudes ranged from 21.66 V/km in Maine and 19.02 V/km in Virginia to <0.02 V/km in Idaho,” says Love. “Our maps show where utility companies might concentrate their efforts to mitigate the impacts of future magnetic superstorms.”

With Solar Cycle 25 ramping up to a new Solar Maximum expected in 2025, the new maps are coming not a moment too soon.

You can read Love et al.’s original research in the May 2022 edition of the research journal Space WeatherClick here.”

Yes, you read that… now it’s a SOLAR MAXIMUM. Someone quick tell ‘Christian’ of Ice Age fame, yet another disinfo artist who refuses to state the


But most will keep using plasma screens and zooming and uploading consciousness to the cloud metaverse. Be the Believer who continues to call to action, sounding the alarm.
And be ready. The storm IS coming, and it’s everything they deny.

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