March 4, 2020

It was October 2, 2019 when I was interviewed on The Truth Underground radio show by Jim Rivas and Steve Olsen (WSO) and they originally titled the show “The Anti-Parasite Diet with Detox Coach Laura Rohrer Brooks.  Within a few hours YouTube gave my interview a copyright strike, and it was uploaded as “Are Parasites Killing YOU? with Laura Rohrer Brooks”.  Shortly after that my Amazon profile description was flagged for having thees same two words in the description: parasite and detox

This got me thinking. I already was well-aware of the cover-up of the parasite epidemic, in which the American government and it’s medical system took a very sadistic turn… continue reading here


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  1. Thank you Durga ji for the post.

    I just happen to read today in February 03, 2020 issue of India Today magazine at page number 39 under “Focus – Health” (which seemed to me as advertisement, because it was having grayish blue background for half a page write up without page number or any other mark up at bottom whereas entire magazine is having a white back ground with page number, magazine name and issue date) having title of the write up “Aluminum: The Planet Friendly Metal”. It also mentions the WHO, Alzheimer’s Society and American Cancer Society! Further, under the title it says: “As the most abundant metal in the earth’s crust, fully 8% of the ground beneath our feet is made up of aluminum. We all consume small amounts of aluminum constantly – in the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe and even medicine we take.” The write up concluded it as the Green Metal!

    As against the fact is, after a complete detox, even once you eat your food in aluminum vessel, it is absorbed in body so much that even hair stores it!

    As I read about the metal in your write up, I concluded that this is synchronicity and I have to mention this here!

    After reading your brilliant post, it just came to my mind that once we are fully detoxed, we feel happy automatically and we do not desire any external stimuli to feel happy! This is major thing, though it may not seem. Because, as the number of happy / fully detoxed people increases, the collective human consciousness becomes happier and it changes the game on spiritual level!

    Thank you very much for the post.


  2. Oh! I understood from my last experience is that sometimes it shows the reply posted but not actually registered in the software / server, so upon going away from the page, it might just vanish!

    You may like to use other channels of communication.

    Thank you and namasté.

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