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November 8, 2019
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Name: debra
Comment: Ya know, relationship with Jesus is not this complicated, if it’s Him you want to know. After all HE is all that really matters here. He’s the beginning and the end, the first not the last and so are we in this world, being granted HIS authority!! Authority over what? The very real, ever present continuous onslaught of distractions from HIM! He’s simple but you are taking it WAY away from from His basic teachings. I understand the bible as being THE most sacred source of truth. He speaks of how we should eat as well, being careful of what we put in our bodies is very important, I will grant you that. Being responsible about our bodies is essential to healthy mindedness. However, those others ‘writings’ you’ve mentioned are information only not breathed upon by Holy Spirit! That being said, you may have elevated experiences, but I don’t feel clogging my mind with those applications will bring me to this higher spiritual euphoria more so than simply Jesus. I feed my spirit with HIM only. (safety in Him alone) He came so we can have life and life more abundant in this world (knowing full well of all the mambo jumbo we are facing even now!) A simple, peaceful, inclusive existence with mankind in love, period. All this other complicated information is just a distraction cloaked in false righteousness, If He wanted us to dial in all this stuff in this way, it would be told in the HOLY scriptures. (which you are discounting as such) So, the bottom line here is you have veered away from truth, THE truth (not just MY uneducated, low realm minded spiritual applications) and may be in serious error. While you may believe all this is working for you to bring you to ascension, I believe there is danger there. You are directing many to falsehoods. Some of this information is entertain-able (at best) much of it error. Take whats been taught here as a grain of salt. It is not compared to the glory of the Godhead. Holy Spirit speaks from one book only as I know He values simplicity.. Be warned…
Thank you for writing to me, Debra, and expressing your perspectives.
Please bear in mind that it was Christ Jesus who is the voice of the Essene Gospels, in which humanity is instructed in how to eat, and detox. This before nanotechnology, mold, yeasts, vaccines and 5G and other EMF waves! In Genesis, God instructed Adam and Eve to eat seeds as their meat, not animals.
The concept of religion as created by the Roman Empire, whose guardian angel is Lucifer (the Vatican dedicates fealty to Lucifer in their services), is entirely political. All politics and legalized, observed religion is nephilim. They are hiding the fact that we are in the last reset with the climate change lie. This is a fact. This was schemed long ago, and begun by Caesar when he looted the Library of Alexandria before burning it, and history began to be systematically re-written. Now humanity lives in a Lie Theater.
I pray that the scales are removed from your eyes, Debra. The first step is detoxing from the Ropeworm. Ceasing to eat dead flesh and DNA from other living creatures, and to drink distilled, reall water. Then you can begin to understand the scale (again, that word, like the clothing of the serpent’s skin) of the lies perpetrated against humanity and earth, which they are using up in desperation, as they know they lost long ago, and prophecy is foretold. The church is Babylon, the whore in red, red of blood of innocents, in the natural flavors in your food.
The church who edited out and occulted the truth removing it from what you call the holy scripture – that bible of diluted truths, omitted facts – those with eyes to see and ears to hear will get this.
I pray you do.
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  1. Well Laura, I have to say that I like the Way you think. However, I know Jesus and Debra is right on this: You may drink the most clean distilled structured water, eat just the most nobily grown fruits and seeds, keep the Torah and natural laws of God, treat animals with love and still know nothing about God and be full of death. I have water fasted 7 days a few times, I have spent weeks vegan or vegetarian, and still, although those things help my spirit and/or soul (I barely know what we are to be honest) but sin was still there.

    We cannot reach God without Jesus, even before Christ came and after he went back to Heaven, even if humans didn’t and don’t know his name. HE is the only way to true Ascension.
    Peace to you

    1. Without devotion to the Most High with an unbound consciousness as ONE with The Creator, a clean body kind to living beings – human or other – would be a clanging bell without the spirit of Grace. At no point have the writings on this blog ever expressed otherwise.

      Religion Incorporated has politicized the world and sown division and created a paradigm of obstacles to this soul oneness with God. Basing your espoused tenet as you do, you are illustrating this. The gospels Christ preached were diluted, distorted and occulted by the Luciferian Agendas of Rome and then the church and faith they created. You – and the email writer – both are still victims of the obfuscations set in place since before Yehushua was born, for the embodiment of God and The Word was foretold thousands of years before. But, again, this esoteric mystery and true history has been hidden since Caesar looted the contents of and then burned the Library of Alexandria, to hide the reset occuring now and completely confuse humanity. The Sons of Light maintained truth, the Egyptian priests: the Cathars died for this. Spiritual workers persecuted and killed like the Branch Davidians, labelled cults. The steering and fomenting done by the Jesuits, the alphabets – all answer to the Club of Rome, and all run all the governments. The pyramid.

      But Christ – GOD – knew that there would be strong delusion from the whore of Babylon – the church, within its own ranks and auspices – and warned that the wheat and tares would be a severe separation, due to the conditioning and programming and lies perpetuated by the powers of this world.

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