Stop the re-capture

October 4, 2019

recaptcha We maintain our own image this way, not the “I’m not a robot’ reCAPTCHA we must undergo as they force us to feed our souls into the hive using digital. I can only guess at how the frequencies have created this illusion (world, tech,sensory).

I believe we all need to stop using technology and force-wean ourselves off its death teat. But we need to do it at the moment which is right, and what’s that moment? When? Because people are still being clued in with the connecting dots.

I was thinking about it this morning, how our collective heart energy will shift the dimension in, that the two are united in effect through intention, and we must all do it.

That this is the rebellion on the battlefield, the tactic that we will win by doing, by disengaging with the beast. I think it’s really obvious now that this is it.

One example is the translator called babelfish. And thanks to whistleblower _______ Voorhees, the Googhoul employee who disclosed their official documents which prove their systematic control of language and information (and I can’t even find his first name, they have filtered this bombshell of truth out with their biased algorithms!) we can’t trust the internet searches and their archival reputation at all.
The Washington D.C. radio station WTOP aired a commercial yesterday which said: “TRUST IS NEVER EARNED, AND TRUTH IS EITHER DELIVERED OR DISTORTED.” I kid you not. LOOK at those words. You read them correctly. Hello Newspeak.
Another example is how apps and websites build cryptocurrency wealth as users use them, and in light of the fact that all health records are on the blockchain, disease and death will be programmed, and carried out by nanobots in the medical providers, all human and environmental vectors and the victim. Since this world is simply frequency, and WE ARE FREQUENCY, this makes sense.


PassingThroughTheFire We are passing our selves into the fire of the beast. We are. It is this simple. We have to get off the digital EVERYTHING. But when? What will it take?

It will be The Event of a life / time. That event, you gnow what it is.
Do we really have to wait until then?


P.S. Gratitude to Mio401 for the passed torch 10/2.

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Excerpt: Denial is the longest river of shit in the world, and as we keep executing the “No, I’m not a robot” reCATPTCHA to use the internet and to live life (for it has come to that now, ~UNdeNIably), we are giving ourselves to the captors. When will we cease to exist, unless WE JUST STOP?


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  1. Thank you dear friend for the post.

    Very eye opening! Seemingly harmless… need to be suspecting all that seems so harmless! 😉

    How did you get it? I mean what made you think that what it is???

    Oh, and how do we deal with it; when we want to go to website also?

    Thank you and namasté.

    1. I appreciate your kindness, and thank you for that.
      The targeting, surveillance, being “hacked”, etc, has been going on for a very long time, and the process of proving identity in place now has shown itself for what it is, for the reasons touched on. They are rioting in Hong King for this, and Falun Gong, etc).
      Mio401’s post (that is the image from it, the ~capture) inspired mine.
      We can’t get around it anymore, without sock puppets.
      My soul honors yours.

  2. «Ogni volta che avete fatto queste cose a uno solo di questi miei fratelli più piccoli, l’avete fatto a me».Grazie per avermi liberato,Il gesto atteso “l’atteso dalle genti” il Dio con noi.

    1. “Every time you did these things to only one of these younger brothers of mine, you did it to me.” Thank you for having freed me, the expected gesture “the awaited by the people” the God with us.

      Just doing my job, Signor Messaggero <3

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