What’s in a name?

Riddle, rhetoric, real.

My birth surname of ROHRER is the lion’s voice.

  • My first name means victory
  • My last name is the voice of the lion
  • I walked lion cubs on leashes as a toddler, and have ridden horses since age four, training calves to ride as well
  • My entire life I have prevailed against evil ferociously
  • I climbed mountains as a technical climber to the summits
  • I conquer all interdimensional parasites and remain undefeated: if there is conflict, you want me on your side~
  • I walk like I am ten feet tall
  • My horse Devon’s name? From the the Old French “devin” which in turn derives from the Latin word “dīvīnē / dīvīnus” which means “prophetically, by intuition or divine inspiration, divinely magnificently”.

The etymology of my given name at birth which means victory, derived from the Laurel leaf – cooks everywhere know these as Bay leaves – crowns placed upon the heads of those who won holy battles, for this they lived. (Burning Bay leaves on a bed of pink – or black high in Sulphur, if there is a severe infestation – bed of Himalayan salt in each room of the home will cleanse the abode and body/temple of negative energies, i.e., entities.)

Laurel Nobilus and her kingdom brethen Eucalyptus, Camphor, Rosemary, Artemesia (Wormwood) and others are the foundation of anthelmintic treatment – parasite killers.


  • Glory
  • Victory
  • Nobility
  • Immortality
  • Intellectual clarity
  • Second Sight, clairvoyance, prophecy
  • Recognition (renown) of high achievement
  • Long-term vision, innate knowledge
  • The laurel signifies the higher accomplishment of the soul worn by those who used their higher knowledge and spirituality to serve the public in beneficial ways. Only the best, the most cunning and most noble in heart and deed were given the honor of wearing the laurel.  Supreme priests, priestesses, prophets, poets, heroes and royalty were recognized with laurel because they commanded their gifts of intellect and willpower in honorable ways.

Dedicated to defeating the demiurge of different names in different ages and cultures.

Victorious over interdimensional parasites.

Walks through fire, purified.

Mountain climber to the summit, living at the footstool of the Most High God where Holy Ganga Mother gave me a halo in Her Grace-ious Way.

In India my name was Durga.


FireWalkerYou only live once, but it’s forever. You will keep changing your garments until your casting your shadows has come to an end. A garment of personhood it will not be. – Mooji

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Excerpt: The etymology of my given first name at birth which means VICTORY, My birth last name? THE LION’S ROAR.
Even my HORSE’S NAME (as he came with it) meant DIVINE PROPHECY.

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  1. Very cool. I know you are probably tired of me talking about Santos but he recently said that our names do not come from our parents but directly from God; the parents only acting as intermediaries…

  2. The names are very important in life! The names given as well as chosen (by self) reflects at least one important aspects of the soul, either soul working to reach it or already achieved it and using that for further working!

    I really was not knowing the meaning of your name; but so silly of me! Your nature and your ability talks it loudly and I was just not able to connect that!

    Thank you for all.


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