“You think about this: I got *expelled from Instagram because of ‘vaccine disinformation’ but Instagram and Facebook cannot point to one single erroneous statement that I ever made. everything we post is vetted, it is sourced and cited from government databases or peer-reviewed publications. When they use the term “vaccine misinformation”, they are using it as a euphemism for any statement that departs from official government policies and pharmaceutical industry profit-making. It has nothing to do whether it is true or false: it only has to do with what the political implications are. And who is doing this censorship? It’s government officials in league with Bill Gates, with Larry Ellison, with Mark Zuckerburg, with Sergey Brin from Google, and with all of these internet **titans. They have engineered not only the destruction of our democracy and our civil rights, but they have engineered the biggest shift of wealth in human history. 3.8 trillion dollars from working people to these handfull of billionaires, many of them from Silicon Valley. This pandemic has impoverished the world and created 500 new billionaires. And those are the people who are strip-mining our economy and making themselves rich. And is it a coincidence that these are the same people who are censoring criticism of the government policies that are bringing them trillions of dollars? People aren’t stupid: we can see what’s happening. We can ask the question “Cui bono?” And the answer is: the people who are benefiting are the people who are squeezing away our constitutional rights and engineering the destruction of democracy world-wide.”
– Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., November 15, 2021

Qui bono or cui bono is a Latin term which literally means ‘as a benefit to whom’. The translation of qui bono is ‘who with good’. It refers to the hidden motive or to the indication that the party who is actually caught for a crime is not the one who originally did the crime. It is a Latin phrase about identifying crime suspects and expresses the view that crimes are often committed to benefit their perpetrators, especially financially. Which party benefits may not be obvious, and there may be a scapegoat.

Refer to the movie THE USUAL SUSPECTS, starring pedophile Kevin Spacey and my decoding in

*I was expelled from Instagram in September of 2019.

** In actually they really are titans due to having bloodlines of the Nephilim and being demon-possessed human bodies and have always been a gene-stealer cult, now incorporated as BIG PHARMA. The nephilim must bodysnatch, as they are dispossessed spirits. #Cleopatra’s Needle, Osiris’ missing penis as steles world-wide like the Washington Monument and at the Vatican.


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    1. In I posted the footage from Martin’s talk in which he read what the controllers wrote: that a genetic modification injection would be invented by Darwinian Chemical Systems, which became Moderna (NASDAQ stock trading name MRNA) and has had ONE PRODUCT: the shot that’s killing. They stated it was to make evolution possible after the Extinction Level Event (ELE).
      The problem here is that apparently no whistleblower, insider, investigator (or ANYONE) is interpreting this correctly. The cabal is attempting to have mRNA RESIDUE which MIGHT start evolution after the SINGULARITY EVENT. It happens that the shots do kill. But that is not actually the ELE.
      They made their underground DUMBS to try to escape all the previous resets. This one, they know, is the last, and they want – their only hope (it is doomed) is Transhumanism – the cloud of uploaded consciousnesses to the Metaverse, which as we know means death.
      This is why I didn’t upload the entire talk. Why would I want to perpetuate disinformation?
      The partial truth is killing people, and I challenge David Martin to respond to this.
      P.S. I emailed you back, check your Spam folder. It was in reply to the Let’s Talk.

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