March 8, 2021

Two days ago I posted incredible images of the Nibiru system, and it is the same capture from this post and this post too (and so many more in my years of documenting the skies as a watcher). Evidently notice was taken that I’d shared this here

and so they’ve begun to try to cover up what is getting closer daily. In addition, my website here has again been throttled down by AI-controlled search results, although I can assure the reader, only the posts I did about the patent Bill Gates got for collecting body activity data and Apple silently removing Emergency Broadcast alerts in its recent IOS update had more traffic than Wormwood shown here Saturday.

I love the fact that elements of the system – these beings – are always visible, and you can literally look back in this website to the Summer of 2018 and see that clearly. And the blue orbs (sometimes green) are also omnipresent. In a few if the images you can discern even more than I am describing.

And while I was out, asking directions in a store because I don’t have or use a smart device or GPS, I saw this sign

Targeting blacks with death shots.

© Pastor Laura Rohrer Little Brooks, March 8, 2021

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