Let’s teach kids (children) to Meditate

No better healing for the fractured soul than connection to our innate divinity. This is what everyone needs, and should start from birth. The souls of children are what must be aspired to in simple purity. Namasté ❤

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Emotional regulation, a core benefit of a mindfulness practice would help kids at every level.

The awkwardness of adolescence would be made a little easier with a mindfulness practice.

Being able to have a safe space to let go, breathe, and place things in perspective would benefit kids.

Building focus, building a space between stimulus and response seems a great thing for all.

Maybe we would use less prescription meds on our kids if they had more ways to cope.

I think we should teach kids about happiness, gratitude and giving, also.

I would rather be happy than smart.

Please share your ideas?



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1 thought on “Let’s teach kids (children) to Meditate

  1. I realized in the spring that to refer to children as kids was placed into the American language by Luciferian forces to elevate Baphomet as their parent and destroy their true identity as children of the Most High Creator God. When I reposted this, I did not take that into account per se when it came to the title of the repost. I applaud Marty for bringing to light (so meaningfully real, as we are divine light beings) that our culture lacks this. The Illuminati agendas and the churches both have made it seem negative to meditate. Jesus taught it as a form of communication with God in the Essene Gospels. It is possible that no one has realized the deception caused by this word “kids” in regard to our children.
    CHILDREN ARE NOT BABY GOATS. THEY ARE LITTLE LAMBS. Caps only for emphasis. Thank you so much, https://ptsdawayout.com/ This is a much-needed post!

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