Another sighting of angelic dimensions, from Belgium

September 15, 2019

Again, so like the footage I captured on December 19, 2018 cosmological entity one calls angelic.

We shape our souls to these forms of light through our will. They harvest this light energy of pure souls in abortion, children, trauma throughout life because they have none, and cannot make it, being parasites of a hive mind. This is why they have established a medical system of blood typing, social security numbers of maritime law ownership, and language itself. The original pictographic Hebrew was akin to angel letters. The benefit of pictographic meaning conveyance is that it represents itself free of dialectical slants. Once babble Babel bull of Ba’al came along, the seventy nations were doomed to the fire-ey darts of verbage. The Israelites were the pioneer Luddites: we all should be.

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