IS THERE A CREATOR? A conversation from YouTube comments #amazing

This conversation spontaneously arose from comments below R. Wayne Steiger’s video Did The Anunnaki Destroy Mars. I watched it yesterday evening as a choice of somewhat lighter subject matter and to take a break from writing. Although I have seen many of his pieces, I differ in the point of view that dismisses the fact that there is one single creator. Reading this thread will explain why, in addition to my other writings. Suffice to say, the meta-parallel is akin to the alien deception: even the word god is a misnomer created to divide and conquer There are no gods – just one creator. But who says that!
Here’s the video (opens in a new tab) but I’m also embedding it, because it is well worth watching, and to read the entire comment thread leading up to what gives this conversation context.
Thank you Wayne, materialclassified * and Sarah Beth.


There are five fingers – thumb behind the weapon – on that left hand.
(Image from the video)

2 Samuel 21:20 - Six fingers and toes on giants, twenty digits total


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