Dendara Lightbulb - Sobek slaughtering humans to use their blood as batteries to light the chambers beneath the pyramids in Egypt



May 10, 2021


Humans are quite legically, based on how we rationally perceive reality experientally, coming to call these mRNA injections being enforced on mankind as “an untested experiment”. This will be perpetual, with ‘variants’ they are already crafting. Since I was denied treatment for Lyme disease in 2015 by the American medical industry (even though I had medical insurance) and then developed Morgellons syndrome, by 2016 I had researched and discovered Harald Kautz-Vella and Sophia Strongstorm’s work, and others as well. We are more than guinea pigs: we are their enemy, we are the threat to their dominion. A few weeks ago I wrote *this post with a video you need to watch called Brain Science from Bench to Battlefield which shared a DARPA lecturer and one of Satan’s agents (actors) detailing how we are their targeted enemy. Now the “vaxxed” are used as binary and tertiary weapons against human’s. Our DNA is information. They hate our LIGHT.

The thing here is LANGUAGE and context, which they manipulate with narratives they dictate and shape humans’ perception with. Even if we all come to the realization we are their guinea pigs in what to us seems an experiment because the injections deployed have no clinical trials or scientific basis we have been taught to consider legitimate, there is a truth behind THAT veil too.

DATA of what they have stolen and assimilated to host themselves upon is why they invented cuneiform language and then heiroglypohic language to narrate their recorded histories and witchcraft spells as the world had taken form in wave distortions of trauma they inflicted on earth, which they came to steal in an enormous Res Nullius heist of earth.

True to their entropic nature (I hesitate to set that good word ‘nature’ next to ‘entropic’ but it gets the idea across, and I just woke up), being the demons that consume human beings while they are alive, and drink their blood – look at the Dendera Lightbulb image where humans are in vats and their blood is the electrolytic solution to light the pyramid chambers, and Sobek, Lucifer crocodile-form avatar AKA Ptah is holding up knives – true to that, they have us supply DATA to them. They pledge their allegiance to the Commander-in-Chief and present this DATA for their own places in hell’s ranks.

Meanwhile, to keep the Fear and Trauma cycles going so humans FARM THEMSELVES FOR THEM TO HARVEST DATA FROM, language is disseminated and the lexicon we have all been entrained to conceptualize ourselves in is that we are guinea pigs. This is the same mechanism and structure in place for Bookface (thanks, Gareth, for that identifier) and etc. The human description itself distorted to self-stampede to death.

We have got to all realize that Lucifer lost long ago and when we all change the morphic cymatic power of language and restructure the airwaves ourselves, in opposition to their 5G Spacefence Fowler’s Net, we will have been the testimony needed to reach all the nations, and then the King will come.

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© Pastor Laura Rohrer Little Brooks, May 10, 2021
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  1. Word magick…Those Polyergus Ants who control the minds of the masses enslave the spirit. With the guidance of Yeshua, our spirit is protected, although our minds and bodies are attacked.

    1. Absolutely so! During those days I was in custody for saying I was a Child of God in public, almost completely fasting because of the toxic food and tap water, under surveillance and being questioned and gaslit by medical murderers, it was GOD that spoke through me and got me through and out of there. I even slept at night despite every 15 minute monitoring. If it has not happened to you, remember my words: the Holy Spirit fills us and speaks for us, just as Jesus said it would. “But when they hand you over, do not worry about how to respond or what to say. In that hour you will be given what to say. For it will not be you speaking, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you.” Matthew 10:19-20

  2. Some thoughts on James’s lecture re: Altered Reality Tactics. “Electo-chemically disrupted transcranial mechanisms to disrupt people’s sense of time, space and place there has been experiments…”
    Experimentation was completed by the mid 80s and the operating systems have been and continue to be deployed on the masses (Transcranial electromagnetic stimulation).
    In recent years I have heard the term ‘Mandela effect’ used to describe the corruption of the timeline/multiple timelines by truthers, rather I believe this to be the deliberate corruption of knowledge in the spider web. I have always understood this phenomenon to be the ‘Mandala effect’ although somewhat different but similar and I believe the narrative changed some time in the late 90s. Ancient mandala’s containing hidden coding and doorways and where used in the ‘program’ along with electro/chemical stimulation to evoke an altered trance state of reality, place and time. What is clear is technology has advanced enabling this trance state to be used as a mass weapon of distraction and manipulation along with the ability to target individuals.

  3. Going back as far as we can through recorded history, the first clumsy attempt was a large flat rock and overt oppression physically and psychically by a serpent body named Lucifer. He was thrown to India, long before the ruins and temples we see now, but we read the Mahabarata, Vishnu accounts etc. On and on they massed tech more. They choose TI’s before, foreseeing abilities.
    I will always wonder why a stargate opened over my house on December 19, 2018, the day before my daughter-in-law died, and simultaneously an angel was in the sky with a DNA download. I have this saying – RIBATI. Rejoice In Being A Targeted Individual. About Mandela – I don’t think they are able to exact the control they wish they could. Leaks. But I do know the Periodic table changed, and Mandela died in the early 90’s, but appeared again. Or so the news said, ha ha ha…
    Honestly is there reality at all? I have been finishing up a frequency protocol definition today:
    “RIFE and FREQUENCIES are wavelengths which shape the holographic state of what we perceive is reality and our place in it. Like the concentric lines around cartoon letters or the Doppler effect of fading sounds, the three dimensional world and our cerebral, self-aware, critical consciousness setting us apart from all other animals is shaped, if you will, by frequencies. Frequencies are not the cause of self-awareness, or animals would have souls (and they don’t, but their spirits reflect ours, and they are another form of the supernatural order we cannot define in this incarnation). When we leave the body, our living soul is no longer fettered and buffeted by frequency because it is no longer held in a physical sheath of flesh. Leaving the body takes one to a different dimensional state, and the controllers of this world know this, so they invented 5G to trap souls from translating when the Singularity Event of Christ’s return occurs. Bundled in this manipulation of vibrations is the promulgation of extra low frequency waves to promote the growth of the forms the archons, which Christ called “devils” in the Essene Gospel of Peace, Book One (the same book Dr. Volinsky discovered the ropeworm protocol taught, which I shared in Chapter 6). To further confuse you, let me add that these devils/archons/parasites are the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim, the descendants of the fallen angels who mated with human women. Most of them were drowned during the flood, but not all. Returning to topic, we live in a world made toxic not only with substances but with airwaves. We live in a microwave soup and are all electromagnetic frequency sensitive, some more so than others. Many are so toxic they don’t notice it at all.”
    And in Revelation it says the earth, planets and stars will all be wiped away. So if we are holographic in the Imagination of The Perfect All, and Christ came in our form as Son of Man, the Light and Word – wow, who we really are is exciting. Tripping out on the thought…

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