May 9, 2021 By godfrey

Artur Pawlowski and David Pawlowski arrested after their church service. Arthur has defied the totalitarian authorities just for holding a “church service”. This raw footage cannot be denied. They have at least four vehicles for two men who are not drug lords or terrorists. If anyone cannot see what the rona is they are blind as a bat and dumb as a block of wood.

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  1. I thought of sending you this video last night and then saw your post this morning. This pastor (as well as you) are divine courage exemplified and what a true pastor should be like (unlike the majority of sorry excuses for pastors who are encouraging people to get the deadly shot and wearing masks in church). Did you see the previous video of him which went viral when he kicked the police out of his church on Easter Saturday? I guess he bruised their supersized egos and they had to go back to assert their blatant abuse of power. May they repent before it’s too late for enforcing absolute tyranny.

    1. Thank you for thinking of me and commenting here. Yes, I did watch that one and the Holy Spirit is so mighty in him! If they are willfully ‘vaccinated’, repentance may be impossible, from what I interpret, but the desire for that for them can change everything for them in the end (mercy). While I was detained two people, both broken young souls, approached me to talk about God. Look at the strength of testimony for truth the whole world sees here as that pastor kicks evil from the service:

      I think all who know Truth should read Foxe’s Book of Martyrs, which is a manual for the persecution and cancel culture today, the lies of the controllers, the hypocrisy of religion. If reading is difficult, one can listen. I recommend. Am on my third read since age 15…
      Foxe’s Book of Martyrs – Audiobook – Part 1 of 2

      Foxe’s Book of Martyrs – Audiobook – Part 2 of 2

      PS – The original poster, Godfrey, has an amazing blog at please-stay-ignorant.com and is another I recommend to follow, as I recommended Strange Sounds. We have all got to amplify our voices as one body, not separately.

  2. That is the video I was referring to. The sheer strength of his character gives me shivers-true testimony as you said.

    I actually downloaded the audio version of the Book of Martyrs a couple weeks ago! I wasn’t lying when I said I keep track of all your soul-saving recommendations. Oh how much I have learnt from you! Words will never express the extent of my gratitude.

    I looked at please-stay-ignorant.com today briefly. Will delve deeper and give him a follow as well!

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