October 10, 2019
There are things we are not to know now. We can’t know. We’re material. Just can’t. Just be light and a messenger. You are creating your form. Did you know the that the body kills the soul and how to shape our eternal form? All info from ancient texts. I do not think they were mandela’d. I like Marvin Meyers’ translations best. The Essene Gospels, TRUTH. Be the angel YOU ARE. I think that the movie IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE was really truth, and to make people think angels are fantasy b/c Hollywood featured one. It’s even referred to as “fantasy drama”. We have war-torn wings. They attach where our lungs will have used to have been if we don’t let our body kill our soul, which is the empty vessel for the light which can’t fill it if we aren’t detoxed. Religion is a lie. The Imperial Cult of Rome rules the world. That’s why the Light manifested in human form. Sorry to sound clipped and didactic; it’s really pretty simple. All this is to end once and for all the error made which resulted in Yaldabaoth, and mother/mater/matter will end once and for all. The Light made MAN-ifest came to teach detox because this is the kingdom of heaven in us. We just need to tip the scales (breaking between the scales of the reptilians, and etymological euphemism hint) getting the message out until the Messiah returns.
This is a message from a Messenger.



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  1. I honestly didn’t read this until after I published my post and yet the two posts – published within hours of each other – seem so inter-linked. Wow. Oh and….message received, thanks.

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