THE LOST YEARS OF ISSA: Jesus Christ’s “lost years” (book and audiobook)

THE LOST YEARS OF ISSA, The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ, by Nicolas Notovitch, 1887 – Read aloud/audiobook

The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ, by Nicolas Notovitch, 1887

There existed in the archives of Lassa, Tibet a very ancient memoir of Jesus’ travels in India and Tibet during what the Bible called “the lost years of Christ”. Another thing hidden from humanity by the Roman Catholic Church!

May 2, 2020
In previous articles I alluded to proof that Yeshua was in India and Nepal, and am so blessed that somehow – divine intervention – I was able to use this computer today to record audio, and hopefully this will stay on long enough to upload it and post this here. There was just another huge plasma flash in these geoengineered cloud red-oxide skies, and yet no “storm”. Power cycling on/off/on all day long. Like this computer. I have yet to get to email: I was called to do this.


In my time here in India I have realized that Ayurvedic is only a symptom-treater, just as allopathic, and that the culture is very mislead, the same as the christian is. All of this is difficult to convey, but the continuing woven thread and contextual reconstruction of truth afforded by the ancient texts helps to understand how deep the lie is that humanity has been fed and harvested by. “In fact, in India, their own distortions of reincarnation resulted in a caste system which could easily be exploited by Orion given that it sets up a pretty structured hierarchy with the powerful up top and the “undesirables” at the bottom.” – Doug Esse, Cosmic Christ . I reference this caste observation only for unless one lives in the Occidental areas of the East it is difficult to understand, and in no way do I believe or promote new age ‘christ consciousness’ doctines. Esse’s reference to Orion is actually to Lucifer, Satan, the devil in all his avataras. A classic representation of this is in the Dendera Lightbulbs where we see Sobek using humans as sources of power for lighting deep in the pyramids.

The book I read is inexpensive: The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ, by Nicolas Notovitch, 1887, translated and with excellent commentary by Virchand R. Gandhi, and I read it today for all of you to listen to because reading it made me so happy and helped me to understand so much.

It’s in two parts, the recording stopped; part 2 is just a few moments long.

AUDIOBOOK The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ, by Nicolas Notovitch, 1887, Dover Books (Part 1)

AUDIOBOOK The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ, by Nicolas Notovitch, 1887, Dover Books (Part 2)

PREFACE (The words of Nicolas Notovitch)

Subsequent to the Turkish war (1877-1878) I undertook a series of journeys in the Orient. Having visited all the localities, more or less remarkable, of the Balkan Peninsula, I crossed the Caucasus mountain to Central Asia and Persia, and finally in 1887 I started for India, a most extraordinary country, which had attracted me from my early days.

The aim of my journey was to become acquainted with the inhabitants of India, and to study on the spot their manners and customs, the grand and mysterious archeology, and the colossal and majestic nature of this country. Wandering from one place to another, without a settled plan, I reached the mountainous Afghanistan, from where I reached India by the picturesque passes of Bolan and Guernai. Having ascended the Indus as far as Rawal Pindi, I crossed the Punjab, the country of the five rivers, and visited the Golden Temple of Armitsar and the tomb of Ranjit Sing, the king of the Punjab, near lahore. I then directed my steps towards Kashmir, “the valley of eternal felicity”. There in order to satisfy my curiosity, I recommenced my wanderings and continued them until I arrived at Ladak, when I decided to return to Russia, through Karakorroum and Chinese Turkistan.

One day in the course of my visit to the Buddhist convent, situated on my route, I learnt from the chief Lama that there existed in the archives of Lassa very ancient memoirs of the life of Jesus Christ and the nations of the Occident, and that certain great monasteries possessed copies and translations of these chronicles… An unfortunate fall by which I broke my leg furnished me with a pretext to return to the monastary, where I received excellent care; and during my short stay with the lamas, I had the honor of obtaining the consent of their chief to have brought from the library the manuscript relating to Jesus Christ, and, aided by an interpreter, who translated from the Tibetan language, I wrote down carefully the verses as they were read by the Lama.” – Nicolas Notovitch

The translator and scholar Virchand R. Gandhi adds: (this is only a small excerpt, and although a “purist” when it comes to book versions, I find his insights remarkable. And I do live here in India, amidst the culture, on the land Issa was).

According to the doctrines of the Brahmins, this is what God speaks of Himself to the angels:

“I have been since eternity and forever I will be; I am the first cause of all that exists in the east and in the west, in the north and in the south, above and below, in heaven and in hell. I am older than all things, I am the All-Powerful; I am the God of Gods; the King of Kings; I am Parabrahma, the great soul of the Universe.”

How very much this echoes what Jehovah said to Enoch in The Essene Gospels of Peace, Book II documented in The Vision of Enoch. Never forget that in the year 1948  not on ly did the nationstate of Israel (a spiritual people, not a geographic landmass) get returned, but the Dead Sea Scrolls had been found and translations were beginning to be available to mankind once again. Lucifer oversaw the Library of Alexandria being looted, the contents hidden by the Vatican and private parties, and then the building, emptied, were burnt to the ground in a pretend acadenmic loss to re-write narratives for the dark agendas. But as Jesus promised to  us in the last days:

“For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.” – Luke 12:2

Jesus pronounced the depravity of the caste system.
“Among other things Jesus denounced the injustice of humiliating the laborer (they not only deprived him of the right of future happiness, but also denied him the right to attend religious sermons). And Jesus began to preach to the Shudras, the lowest caste of slaves, teaching them that there is one God only according to their own laws, that all there is exists only through Him, that with Him all are equal, and that the Brahmins had obscured the great principle of monotheism in perverting the words of Brahma himself, and in insisting strongly on the external ceremonies.

In the Bible, Luke says that Jesus was about thirty years old when he entered on his ministry. According to the Buddhist chronicler “Lassa”, Jesus must have begun preaching in his twenty-ninth year. All his sermons which the evangelists do not mention and which have been preserved by the Buddhists are remarkable for their character of divine grandeur. The fame of the new preacher spread rapidly through the country and Jerusalem eagerly awaited his arrival. When he approached the holy city, the people went to meet him in great throngs and led him triumphantly to the temple, which is in conformity with the Christian tradition. The chiefs and the learned men who heard him admired his sermons and rejoiced at the beneficent impression produced by his words on the multitude. All the remarkable sermons of Jesus are full of sublime words.” (emphasis mine)

I hope that this touches and dispels confusion for readers everywhere. It tears at my heart for people all across the face of the earth (it is flat) that they have been allowed such diluted and distorted versions of history, and especially in regard to Jesus Christ, the creator of ALL THINGS who supernaturally incarnated as a human man to perform a DNA rescue mission. Between age twelve and thirty-three, Jesus didn’t simply anonymously grow in stature: he traveled the Orient and studied all religions. Sanskrit language has all its roots in Hebrew. Accounts exist, like the one I read here i the accompanying audiobook by Nicolas Notovitch who wrote it in 1887.

It is because of fabricated gaps in documentation and knowledge of true history that Lucifer’s goals of New Age and Thelema were able to come to predominance in these last days.Understanding this will help all readers in The Great Comission to save souls. I see far too many bloggers now taking the lukewarm path and making themselves feel safe with feel-goods of  image verse memes, but not wearing out their sandals of spreading the gospel to those trapped in the snares of the serpent with the warning they need pout into words they can understand, and pointing out the entrapments. Hallmark card days are over. It’s time to find the last few, and to do that means leave one’s comfort zone. Worrying if you have God-given wisdom from studying the word? Don’t! Just do what the word says and lay nets for those that need to come to repentance. How? You do it from the battlefield laden with mines in a language they themselves speak. At this time the audience is not the saved, but the soon-to-be-forsaken. So get busy and stop being so lukewarma nd worried about your crown! THIS is how you will keep it, risking it all for just that one lost sheep.

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