LOOSE CHANGE - The Original DVD - ETA4

LOOSE CHANGE – 9-11 Original DVD

LOOSE CHANGE – 9-11 Original DVD

LOOSE CHANGE – 9-11 Original DVD

On September 11, 2001, I was flying back from a U.S. Army / North American Small Museum Association Conference held in Quebec, Canada. At that time I was in a relationship with the North American Small Museum Association director _______ , operating out of Fort Meade in Maryland. I wondered why the flight back from Montreal CA to BWI near DC/Baltimore was taking so long. Awake during the night as the flight continued in the dark, the moon was BLOOD RED, and I photographed that, but the thumb drive I had that and other 9/11 documentation I took of the Towers being taken down, using my digital camera to photograph what was on TV, was damaged by TSA when I went to and from India in 2019-2020, so I am unable to retrieve that evidence. (There are no accidents).

Unaware of what was happening in New York City as our flight touched down into BWI, my mother picked me up from the airport and as I entered her house where my car was parked, the television she had left on was showing the classic scenes that you are about to see on this DVD. I immediately drove the eight miles back to my house and my two late teenage children were there. We spent the day watching television, me on the internet or outside walking my dogs, the skies devoid of planes as the airspace in our town of Catonsville, 40 miles outside of Washington D.C., became a ghost town, like what was done when the Covid Plandemic was rolled out.
I had seen buildings demolished in Baltimore, how they were wired and implosed: it made for great news. When I saw “the Twin Towers fall” I knew it was rigged. I was awake and aware of the deception of the 9-11 coverup before it became “a thing”.

My mother had two lesbian neighbors, a couple, who befriended her and they lived about 15 houses down from her house in Elkridge, Maryland, as I said, eight miles away and a D.C. bedroom community. They gave me this DVD twenty years ago, and incredibly, after all the losses of my belongings I have experienced, I STILL HAVE IT.

Recently another content creator posted something about 9/11, and I commented:

“I was married for a short time to the Washington DC newsman whose video footage of the Pentagon showed that a missile struck it – NOT A PLANE OR JET.
Men in black confiscated his videotape as soon as he got back to the station (WUSA9 where he works still) munutes after it happened and he filmed it. He always sat at a spot next to the Pentagon as he waited for news to catch on his scanners. He was the first news shooter on the scene.
They controlled the 9-11 narrative very quickly.
It was a short-lived mistake of a marriage but being with that low-level reptilian really opened my eyes completely!
As related to me, he shot his footage after the strike which just after it hit, since he was sitting waiting at the junction of exits there just outside the Pentagon perimeter, listening to scanners and using his laptop, and from what I understood the live impact shot is from one of the stationary security camera covering the Pentagon’s adjacent areas. That wasn’t his, and he isn’t that reporter. Apparently they were waiting to confiscate it when he arrived back at the station. I’ve seen that clip too. I didn’t even know him yet, the day of 9-11, but hope to record my experiences and observations if Time permits. I knew some of the team who quickly made LOOSE CHANGE available, and it was clear to me the day this huge sacrifice to usher in the End Times Agenda2030 powers that it was manmade.
Glad you asked, thank you, as there will never be enough answers – until we are in the presence of Jesus.
For the record, my ex is a poster child for all that is wrong with society.”

Laura Rohrer Little Brooks, Ps.

Author of:
THE ASCENSION DIET EATING TO ASCEND – Alkaline Diet and Optimal Health in an EMF Nano Toxic World

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LOOSE CHANGE Wrapper/ Liner notes

Why Has The Greatest Crime In U.S. History Never had a Criminal Investigation? & Other Unanswered Questions About September 11, 2001

The Warnings: Why did the Bush Administration ignore warnings, some specific as to date and place, from at least 11 foreign intelligence services delivered to Washington prior to 9/11? Why were several prominent Americas, including top military brass, warned not to fly on 9/11?

Missing Air defense: Why was established procedure not followed to intercept any of the hijacked planes on 9/11? Why did the defense missiles on top of the Pentagon not fire at the attacking plane as it flew toward the Pentagon? Had they been disabled? Did Cheney’s comment “Of course the orders still stand!” as witnessed by Norman Mineta, refer to orders not to shoot down the plane? if the defense failures were due to incompetence, why was no one reprimanded or fired? Was air defense lacking because of the military exercises underway on the morning of 9/11?

Pilots of the Hijacked Planes: How could an inexperienced pilot have successfully flown a heavy commercial jetliner on his forst try? Why were some of the alleged terrorists trained at U.S. military bases and CIA flight schools?

The Alleged Hijackers: Why is it that at least six of the hijackers who were supposed to have died on 9/11 are alive and well, giving interviews and living in the Middle east? If no Arab names were on the passenger manifests released by the airlines following 9/11, how could names and photographs of the alleged hijackers have been broadcast around the world within hours of the attacks? Why were no airline tickets or receipts ever presented as evidence?

The Money: If “follow the money” is the time-honored criminal investigative technique for uncovering criminal collusion, why did the 9/11 Commission elect to drop the pursuit of mainstream-documented leads such as the $100,000 wire transfer from the head of pakistan’s intelligence service to alleged lead hijacker Mohammed Atta several days before the attacks? Why was the extreme level of options trading activity in American and United airlines stock in the days before 9/11, a clear indication of foreknowledge of the attacks, never pursued?

The Plane Crashes: How could one of the hijacker’s passports emerge from the wreckage of the Twin Towers and be found intact on the streets of New York? Why was debris from the Pennsylvania plane scattered over an area of several miles, and not confined to the 10×30-foot hole where the official story says the plane crashed? why were no large plane parts found at the crash site? Why are the 9/11 plane crashes the only ones in modern U.S. history not to have been investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board? Why were none of the thousands of serial numbered parts ever presented as proof of the identity of the aircraft?

Collapse of the Twin Towers: What caused the massive explosions in the basements of the Towers before the planes even hit (which registered as small erthquakes at Columbia University) and the hundreds of explosions reported by witnesses before and during the buildings’ collapses? How is it possible for the Towers to completely collapse in the same amount of time it would take for a brick to fall through air from the same height? How were the concrete floors, walls, computers, furniture and other materials pulverized? How could brief jet fuel fires have caused the buildings’ collapse when no steel building has ever collapsed due to fire in modern history?

World Trade Center 7 Collapse: Why did this 47-story steel office building, which was not hit by any plane, collapse completely in 6.7 seconds at 5:20 p.m. on 9/11? what did its owner Larry silverstein mean when he said the decision had been made to “pull” the building? Was WTC 7 wired with explosives prior to 9/11? If so, were explosives also planted in the Twin Towers prior to the attacks?

The 9/11 Commission and Its report: Why, if it had nothing to hide about the attacks, did the Bush Administration resist 9/11 families’ call for an investigative commission for an unprecedented 441 days? Why was administration insider Philip Zelikow, who had co-authored a book with Condoleeza Rice, and whose CV states that his expertise is in creation and maintenance of public myth, appointed to direct the Commission? why did Bush and Cheney refuse to be questioned separately, in public and under oath before the Commission? why did the Commission members accept the official conspiracy theory as their operating premise and say early-on that they would not investigate what happened on 9/11 and who was responsible. Why was the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7 not mentioned in the report?

Do you have doubts about the Official Story as propounded by the 9/11 Commission?

Contact your senators and representatives in Congress. Demand a new, impartial and thorough investigation into the crimes of 9/11.

http://www.senate.gov 202-223-2315
http://www.house.gov 202-224-3121

911truth.org – ny911truth.org – dc911truth.org – 911sharethetruth.com – wtc7.net – 9eleven.info – 911blogger.com – 911dvdproject.com – infowars.com


Things are going to change very soon, and those who do not believe and proclaim that JESUS IS THE CHRIST AND IS GOD, who RESURRECTED FROM THE DEAD, will be eternally sorry that they refused to choose THE TRUTH.

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