REAL humans will heed this.

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    1. Thank you for your question, Paramjyoti. While many aspects of it are in various articles and pages (the search box is helpful as you can look for specific topics, also the tag cloud), the diet and lifestyle recommendations as well as detoxification and healing protocols are in the two books, The Ropeworm Protocol Bible Human Ascension Manual (178 pages) and The Ascension Diet Eating To Ascend – Alkaline Diet and Optimal Health in a 5G Nano Toxic World. Here are direct links:
      THE ROPEWORM PROTOCOL BIBLE HUMAN ASCENSION MANUAL, 178 pages: – Amazon Kindle – Amazon Paperback – Lulu Paperback
      THE ASCENSION DIET EATING TO ASCEND – Alkaline Diet and Optimal Health in an EMF Nano Toxic World, 783 pages – Amazon Paperback – Amazon Kindle
      I also have a Patreon group, if you are interested, at
      I hope that something I have shared either on the website or in the books will help you, and am grateful you reached out here. Take care!

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