Punch and Judy puppet show

Where’s the moon that is supposed to be full tonight?

I saw it last night
but it’s not there tonight?

And the NASA magicians say there was a massive CME and but of course that has NOTHING to do with the flooding at Yosemite, the heat waves, fores and projected grid downs, or anything else going on.

Certainly it’s not the vesica piscis (THE COMING SINGULARITY EXPLAINED VISUALLY) upcoming singularity Harpazo!

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    1. Thank you Mark! I finally did too, but not until sometime after 10:45PM EST. Even then, it was almost always obscured by extremely heavy cloud cover (but no rain at all). It was extremely dark outside, and the preceding waxing moon nights had been coldly, LED-like bright. Also, the moon – which WAS full, it seemed – never ‘rose’, but made path almost hugging the horizon, east to west, but never overhead at all. That also in opposition to where it was the preceding, waxing nights. I have a skylight where I sleep: I watch it constantly.
      You are in the West, and from your (beautiful) photos, I see there is less geoengineering lingering there. Not that you don’t get sprayed, but here in the Mid-Atlantic metropolis east coast, between the currents and the ocean/land mass and the microwave towers and IoT, I think we see very different skies. I wish you would post more of what you document.

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