Nothing good about this alien walk in. He’s sending rockets out to Sirius, the same old escape attempt every Nibiru pass. The latest Brave browser splashscreen shows this plainly: I’ve put outlines around the constellation Sirius Elon Musk’s Space X rocket’s trajectory is set for.

See the tags.

I’ll keep posting despite the constant DoS attacks and hacking by the Microsoft monkeys. Bill Gates is the antichrist. Space X and Elon Musk aren’t good. They’re done with us, they’re liquidating their human resources. Everyone is under a spell. That’s why I shared Derek Prince’s THE ENEMIES WE FACE UNDERSTANDING WITCHCRAFT. Satan is real. His greatest trick is convincing others he does not exist.

They are hell-bent and that is literal on getting people to live in ZOOM and Facetime, WhatsApp, cellphone convos and this is the soultrap. READ ALL MY POSTS.

Politics is theatre based on Hegelian Dialectic.

Everyone is either angel, demon or doppleganger.

Wake up.

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  1. Thank you for the post.

    You have informed this: “They’re done with us, they’re liquidating their human resources.” And I am thinking who will be the customer for the resources? 😉

    Thank you for all.

    Namasté and Hari Om.

      1. They have created the hell on earth and it is NOW. They’re trapping souls in it. Bill Gates is the antichrist. The Strong Delusion is happening. Aliens are the fallen angels and their seed. The singularity will destroy darkness itself. Anyone who continues to use smart devices will dissappear into the hell and cease to exist. There is no escape for darkness. Even the ten black holes will cease. They brought demons in with CERN and put GMO parasites in humans to try and outnumber the forces of Light. They can’t. They know this. Jesus is the truth, not the hologram. Christinaity was and is a psyop. TRUTH IS LIGHT. Put the phone down. Accept what looks like death but RESIST. FAST. UNPLUG FROM THE MATRIX.
        They lost loing ago.
        How many readers actually listened to the Derek Prince THE ENEMIES WE FACE – UNDERSTANDING WITCHCRAFT?
        Hinduism is idol worship of fallen angels with nephilim blood.

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