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Email recieved 20May2020
/ ~ N O Y B darrck ness ~
Reply 22May, 2020

We live in an age of total psyops. I went to sleep last night re-reading THE WAR SCROLL. Aug Tellez did a good thing today reminding humanity not to fall for Project Bluebeam, but what must be underscored is that a vesica piscis event is coming. It remains imperative that humans not use handheld or body-connected devices and deactivate the toxins within. There is a reason for the smear campaign against truth which is dualistic and called christianity. There is only TRUTH. They killed the gnostics for it.

The snake landed in India which was east, the dragon in China to the north. When Tutankhamen was entombed, the poles were reverse of what they were when his tomb was discovered.

Sleep with the crown of your head to the north.
This is day twelve of my fasting. I spend more time getting past the trojans and scripts in this computer than I am able to spend bieng productive, and that is their plan.

So dear sender of this email, let’s talk about dreams. We all need to do this.

With love,
(Not) Eating To Ascend


Postscript: I really, really do not like the new WordPress Block Editor. I recognize that it is to make their data collection, language driving and surveillance sin-thesis streamlined.

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  1. Thank you for the post.

    The more I dig in and the more I read your posts, I am realizing that even 24 hours are less for so many things to search and read and understand!

    For example, the link (in your post) told me this: “The SLC18 family is distantly related to the toxin extruding antiporters (TEXANS), bacterial transporters that have been proposed as a model for the function of the VMATs (Schuldiner et al., 1995). Their potential role in cellular detoxication aside, the major biological function for SLC18 family members is the storage and release of neurotransmitters. AChT transports acetylcholine; VMAT1 and 2 transport several types of monoamine neurotransmitters including dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine (see Section 3.2 (see Section 3.2. Transporter Substrates and Their Affinities and Table 1, Predominant substrates). The substrate(s) of SLC18A4 is not yet known, but structure–function analysis suggests that it is more similar to the monoamines than to acetylcholine (Brooks et al., 2011). All SLC18 family members localize to secretory vesicles responsible for neurotransmitter storage in both neurons and neuroendocrine cells (see Section 6, Tissue Expression and Subcellular Localization and Fig. 1A).!

    So, if I conclude in non-technical language persons having VMAT2 and SLC18 have better ability to throw away toxins and bacteria from the body. Also, So, people having such genes are able to detox fast and easily. Also, they have better ability to stay calm and thus do not get swayed by propaganda! Thus, they can understand truth far better, see through the crap, psyops and propaganda and be in pursuit of the TRUTH.

    Thank you for all.

    Namasté and Hari Om.

    1. Excellent t discernment, Chitta.
      My long-time OB/GYN was a Jewish woman, head of OB/GYN at Greater Baltimore Medical Center Hospital. She told me that my body was 17-20 years younger than my birthdate chronological age.
      We light beings are cellularly designed for extreme, eternal longevity.
      How beautiful it is to gnow this while still in the meat suit!
      I hope that my nearly two years of posts have helped you and others come to understand this.
      My own came to me the day before Nichole died. All the sight. I am here you you and for ALL. You are too. Humans are love.
      Thank you for writing this here, dear brother.

  2. That’s a quick reply!

    I can understand what you say about age and body appearance, as I can say that I have half of the age gap you have!!

    And, our body is designed to suit the soul! So, if soul is cleaner, body can be cleaner and thus living longer! The SLC18 and VMATs are given so that we have ability to pursue and know the TRUTH, via detoxing and balanced mind!

    Thank you for all.

    Namasté and Hari Om.

  3. Wonderful sis!

    I saw the time stamp too, when I was typing “The SLC18 and VMATs are given so that” in my above reply!

    Happy to know that we are so nicely connected!

    Namasté and Hari Om <3

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