May 21, 2020

I have been reading Mike Adams’, his wife Erin’s and their company Natural News articles, emails and newsletters for quite a few years now. Erin is to be especially commended for her “Erin’s List of Homeopathic Murdered Doctors”, which is now at 100 (that we know of).

I know they are a for-profit venture, and yes, they sell some good products. But they need to step up to complete honesty, not halfway in fear of being de-platformed, losing their very lucrative business ventures (I can’t afford their products), and in danger for their lives for disclosing the entire truth.

Just recently they released a video – at cost, only for paying subscribers – instructing how to make colloidal silver at home. I made a free video anyone can learn how to make colloidal silver at home from in January of 2016.(I hope it’s still there, it’s on YouTube, which began censoring me immediately, so I gave up trying on it and switched to WordPress, which after two years now have only 709 subscribers, and my gravatar views are many times the page views, which shows me that I am being f-ed with by them here as well. Surprise! The internet is a weapon owned by the satanic governments.

What Mike Adams and his company Natural News need to do is state the fact: that this Covid-19 lockdown is a satanic plan, that the cytokine storms are caused by the nanotechnology activated by 5G, WiFi, LED LiFi that pulses, satellites, drones, smart devices and appliances. The censorship being imposed isn’t “communism”: it’s DOMINATION, which is satanic total control. That this is the RFID vaccine-tag 666 mark of the beast plan, PlanetX / Comet Atlas / Nibiru / The Destroyer / Wormwood is here and earth is nearly one with it’s parihelium, and that they are soultrapping humanity in the isolation in their homes for social distancing for what really is no more lethal than a cold: a coronavirus.

Being silenced on the internet; being treated as if you don’t exist: that’s shunning, but on a system-wide scale. It’s exactly what’s been done to me by my family, helped by my ex-husband with the secrets to keep hidden with his agenda masked by his public face. This is the war of good versus evil.


I have been saying all of this. Will you even read this, Mike Adams? You know FaceBook is a voluntary user-input data collection etheric energy-harvesting database. Just last September Bill Gates, the antichrist, patented the Biometric Data Chip before his Event 201. Stop misleading people. Tell the whole truth. Or fold your hand to the dark side.

Natural News, Brighteon now blacklisted by Facebook for hosting pandemic video
Mike Adams The criminal, anti-human tyranny of Facebook and the tech giants just got even worse. Now, you can no longer share any link from Natural News or because both sites have been completely blacklisted by Facebook.

This follows our hosting of the “Plandemic” video featuring Dr. Judy Mikovits, who is warning the world about the dangers of coronavirus vaccines.

Now, Facebook is fully aligned with communist China and the bioweapons war against humanity that they hope will exterminate billions of innocent lives, ending in global depopulation.

All voices who oppose this bioweapons holocaust are being silenced. This is humanity’s most desperate and darkest hour.

See the full details here.

And in the days ahead, we will be posting action items to mount a grassroots protest against Facebook and the tech giants for censoring our important platforms and content. We will need your help to participate and raise the alarm.

Humanity cannot survive if the tech giants are not defeated and dismantled. Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and even Vimeo are now fully aligned against human survival, and they are carrying out the anti-human communist agenda of global extermination and depopulation.

The war against humanity is under way, and you are among those who will be targeted for termination. This is not a drill.


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      1. You are most welcome, dear sis.

        If we do not work in cooperation then we are not brothers and sisters! Plus they do more harm to us!

        Yes, they know the truth. But, knowing the truth is one thing and living it quite another! 😉

        Namasté and Hari Om <3

    1. Grazie, Luca. If we do not face lies with truth, we have chosen darkness. This is not who we are as beings of light. It is good to hear from you, dear brother. We are all here, holding formly, like the stars we see in the skies in their stations, we are the same here on earth. It is only the sheaths and the veils caused by parasites, food, pharmakeia and cymatics that keep us from gnowing this cognitively. The palm spathe of our pineal gland cannot be stopped. LIGHT IS UNSTOPPABLE. LOVE. <3

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