I live where Jesus walked, and the Holy Ganga River waters from heaven is swirling mists from her body up the valley underneath the geoengineered skies as they try to hide the event with chemicals and metals and NASA equipment and satellites and 5G in the hands of zombies, for it’s angels and demons time.

That said, I am telling all of you that this is the third day, but I didn’t recognize and admit it to myself until yesterday evening, that I am “off my food”. I don’t want to eat. My body is telling me to fast and be clear of waste. I think this is significant. I’m finishing the 5G Protection article and have found myself spending a long time on parasites, something no other activist or 5G scientist and whistleblowing advocate for humanity does. But it’s the parasites that thrive on our food which our five sheath physical bodies are made of that make us eat. We’re light beings.

So since I have experienced precognition many times before in my life, from saving my mother from dying from her suicide attempt, the vision I had when my daughter Emily was born at Johns Hopkins Hospital of a crowd of demons screaming at me that they would take her from me (they did, she’s into witchcraft, has done evil things to me and still does, and is a tool for satan to destroy our family with – it’s time to WAKE UP, EMILY), the waking dream I had of my brother Charlie’s death, foreknowledge of two murder attempts, one horse accident Devon and I survived, and countless other family,  weather and animal-related occurences and events. The vision I had when pregnant with Emily NOT FOR A CONSTANT MOMENT BUT THE WORLD WILL BE OBLITERATED. Poltergeists throwing my books and portfolios, Nichole’s spirit visiting me three times since she died, my own star descending and a stargate open over the house I lived in the day before Nichole died, December 19/20, 2018. My dream of heart connecting in hypercommunication with my granddaughter Emily. The Sirius alignment I saw last year. I can’t keep up. I’ve shared all this here. The above sentences are full of keywords and I want to get this posted and will add links in a bit.

Now I am sharing that I feel something NOW. I have no desire for food, no hunger, no nervousness. I’m writing, reading, doing good personal things, feeding animals, interacting with others I see. Mostly I am connected and I FEEL SOMETHING VERY STRONG AND IT IS SOMETHING SUBLIME AND BEAUTIFUL COMING.

Two weeks ago I bought the three essential oils used together on Yeshua / Isha / Jesus Christ and his body came back to life after three days. This mixture was used by every pharaoh. The first time I put it on and meditated and prayed, I had an immediate out of body (OOB) experience like a rocket ship. When I bathe I rinse with vinegar, himalayan salt and use this oil, including on my pineal gland spot of forehead (which is where Nichole felt her awakening the last time we were together).

I am just saying, THIS IS HAPPENING.
And this video came out and she is speaking my own words.


Namasté and hari OM.


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  1. Thank you for the beautiful post.

    I just want to say that yesterday I had this strong feeling of limiting food gradually so as to have no food. I felt like I am over eating. I am happy that you have reached to this stage.

    I need to go thought the video.

    Thank you for all.

    Namasté and Hari Om.

    1. This is beyond hypercommunication or synchronicity. It is THE ONE NOW, HAPPENING!
      How is the weather and the power grid on your (western) side of India? Here it’s either placid and white-ed out or dramatic with plasma arc storms and thunder, but little rain. Last night a Plieadian “cloud” hovered over the mountain eastwardm all the other “clouds” moved, but it never did. About to write about that. I did end up having sauteed fresh veggies with soybean threads an green curry cocnut sauce, but all handmade and fresh. But the body is quickly metabolizing all, and the frequencies! Wow!

  2. Yes, I agree about synchronicity.

    Weather is very hot and humid even in morning. Today, we had a temp of 29 feeling like 36 with 80% humidity!

    We had a long outage about 4 days ago. But, then no power outage. We have almost clear sky day and night.

    I am happy that you are having all fresh food.

    Thank you for all.

    Namasté and Hari Om.

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