Email subject: This email is the link to the gift waiting for you, love, Mom
February 20, 2021

I am your mother and you are wronging me in the worst of ways. My concern is not for myself, but for your souls. What you are doing will result in your own eternal damnation. I will continue to instruct you and admonish you until the Living God, the ONLY MOST HIGH GOD JHVH, JEHOVAH, takes back the breath of soul in my body and draws my spirit back to Him. You worship science and are programmed to be worldly. Your well-meaning efforts, the longings of your heart, they are made as NOTHING because you are not close to The ONE who created you. You were not “crafted” – but you are now. If you weren’t, we would be in communication and I would not be shunned as if I never existed. What you are doing is Satanic. You practice witchcraft in your daily lives. I made many mistakes raising you but was myself sabotaged by evil parents and adults around me. People like my old boyfriend Jim Brucker and ex-husband Kurt Brooks are hiding secrets and demonize me to protect themselves. You have been lied to by the medical system which left me for dead, refusing to treat me for Lyme disease, and I developed a systemic rejection of synthetic biology and parasites called Morgellons. I am well now, and help others to be. I am sane. Moreso than most people, as I am not deluded by programmed lies and pagan superstitions.

I pray for you that GOD will open your hearts and eyes while there is still time.
I pray you do not take the mark of the beast which is the genetic re-engineering injection which will change your DNA with CRISPR technology into an mRNA transhuman operating system.
You, as children of Jamie and I, have high VMAT2, SLC-18 GOD GENES, from the line of King David.
This is all fact, not fiction. This is why I was urged to have your teeth treated with fluoride when you were young. You went into that appointment sweet, spiritual children and left hurting, feeling violated, and your personalities began to change. Your pineal glands were instantly calcified by that DDS psychopathic agent of evil, paid for by Medicaid.

When I saw Lori Butkovitch (Key Point Health “therapist”) one last time, for a bandaid of support after Kurt stole all I owned after trying to have me murdered, which failed, do you know what she said to me as soon as I sat down? She said “I want to apologize to you for not doing what you asked at our first session years ago.” I said, “What, to include the spiritual aspect of my identity in my therapy?” She said “Yes. I was wrong to say no to that. It should have been a focus all along.”

I had to suffer great losses of carnal and physical things, and standing and health and family, to learn the lesson of what matters most: THE SOUL.

I am doing all I can to get you to allow yours to Know Truth as well.

I love you more than I can ever say, no words suffice. Please listen.

I pray for you always. May you call upon the name of Jesus when the Singularity comes.



6 1 Know ye therefore, my children, that in the last times Your sons will forsake singleness, And will cleave unto insatiable desire; And leaving guilelessness will draw near to malice; And forsaking the commandments of the Lord, They will cleave unto Beliar. 2 And leaving husbandry, They will follow after their own wicked devices, And they shall be dispersed among the Gentiles. And shall serve their enemies. 3 And do you therefore give these commands to your children, that, if they sin, they may the more 4 quickly return to the Lord; For He is merciful, and will deliver them, even to bring them back into their land.

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