“Then said Jesus unto him, Except ye see signs and wonders, ye will not believe.” – John:4:48

I share these here in this new Eating To Ascend website menu called Signs and Wonders because although the sources may not specify the events they report on are, indeed they most certainly are signs and wonders, which are BEING HIDDEN TO PREVENT PEOPLE FROM SEEING AND BELIEVING.

From The Epoch Times article dated February 16-17, 2021

WHY WOULD THE SKY BE FLASHING AND POPPING UNLESS IT WAS ELECTROMAGNETICALLY PLASMA CHARGED? https://www.theepochtimes.com/millions-endure-record-cold-without-power-at-least-16-dead_3699190.html

Source: The Epoch Times, https://www.theepochtimes.com/millions-endure-record-cold-without-power-at-least-16-dead_3699190.html

From Natural News, Mike Adams gives three podcast updates at once, after a week of rolling blackouts, the powergrids’ reaction to the vesica piscis energy collisions between Nibiru and earth, made powerful by the geography of the state of Texas, and amplified by the #SignsAndWonders the controllers craft to obfuscate and hide with their #geoengineeredweatherwhichhidestheevent.

The “Texageddon” collapse is like living in a post-EMP apocalypse. Grocery stores are empty or closed. Gas stations have run out of fuel. The rolling blackouts lasted nearly the entire week, and entire cities could not supply water pressure.

Millions abandoned their homes and were forced to live in their vehicles or seek hotels, which were filled to capacity. Untold numbers froze to death in their own living rooms or vehicles. Food rationing still continues today, as food supplies are hard to come by.

I haven’t been able to post stories, but I did get three podcasts posted that describe what’s happening in Texas.

Podcast #1: The Texasgeddon situation update, details the shocking severity of the total collapse of infrastructure in Texas. It reveals how fragile the entire system really is, and why people who refuse to prepare basically lining themselves up for suicide.

Hear that full podcast here.

Podcast #2: My dog fell through the ice on my pond, about 15 – 20 feet from the shore. I had to act quickly to rescue him without killing myself in the process. Here’s how I did it…

Full details in the dog rescue podcast here.

Podcast #3: Texas blackout gear reviews. Some survival gear failed, and other survival gear saved us (and saved my dog). Which gear really works in a grid-down scenario? Now we know with hands-on experience. It’s no longer theoretical… I just lived through this for the past week.

I will be updating this article as events unfold. Here in the United States Mid-Atlantic region, there was no severe winter storm, only a run on bread, toilet paper, food and alcohol. For skywatchers who know what they are seeing, it is obvious that there are unseen forces cancelling the malicious intent of the technocratic powermongers in their Space War against the Most High LIVING GOD.

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