November 17, 2021
Differences in beliefs may be one thing to one and something quite different to another. Christianity, which the world has been led to believe is a religion, for the elect few, it is in truth THE TRUTH. This culture has ingrained everyone to feel a sense of moral politeness and to respect others’ beliefs or be called narrow-minded and intolerant. There are numerous proofs that a man was born and died and rose from death who had 24 chromosome blood. Humans have been vaccinated with Fundamentalist Vaccine and programmed with lies. Few have read all of the Apocryphal texts to see what they are missing while also removing the veils (parasites) and perhaps even if they did, genetically they may not be… chosen. The New Age deception, I am coming to see, is what has been called The Strong Delusion. Not the aliens taking over earth and being saviors. I cannot be expected to listen to lies and think that’s fine and someone’s right. If I saw someone harming themselves, I would help them to heal whatever it would take. Anyone who knows me knows that is my nature. In these Last Days the enemy is very appealing and is undermining in any way possible, instilling doubt in people who need to remain firm in Truth and know that this is war. Only in the last 120 years (thereabouts) has this GAIA ‘do as thou wilt’ feel-good tantric “We are all light, let’s go 5D!” fallacy taken storm. We don’t even live on a globe earth... IT IS A STATIONARY PLANE BOUNDED BY AN ICE WALL WITH FOUR CORNERS, and underneath is a magnetic Sheol (greek for hell). I cannot and will not make apologies for Jesus Christ. I am not being hard-headed: I have spent the last four years writing hundreds of thousands of words proclaiming truth. There is only Truth. JESUS IS THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD as well as in our cells in the miracle of DNA biology and the meaning of that cannot be perceived by us in our mortal bodies. I have for some reason been given measures of gnosis, quite the reason for my knowledge and sight and and the basis for the shunning. Raise your hand if you read this. Raise the other if it affected you! Have you been documenting Nibiru/Wormwood in the skies since 2016 as I have? Do you have eyes to see? If I shock you, I am sorry, but we are running out of time. Repent, get right with God, who came to earth as Christ, literally broke us all from death – and the condition? Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Light. Yeshua isn’t a metaphoric spinal fluid! JESUS CHRIST IS THE CREATOR, AND THE ALL. GAMECHANGER. End of transmission.
P.S. Please pray for a woman who is a follower of mine named Lisa. She is in NYC with vaccinated family (she’s NOT V’d), and is told she “has Covid”. I have cautioned her not to go to hospital for there she will surely be *murdered in an intubation tent, and given her the Ivermectin/HCQ/Zinc/Vit C/Vit D Protocol instructions, including making the HCQ. She has a very quiet, humble personality and is a solitary person, very sweet. Please pray for her. Thank you for reading this. I pray too that I am not being too harsh. We ARE IN THE END TIMES. If someone was sleeping through a fire would you not do what you had to to wake them up?

Update from Lisa on November 18, 2021

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