Bareback On Isabelle, 2012


This is a three-component report. Listen to the 90-second mp3, read my dream, and watch the 5 minute video. For we are all concerned for our loved ones, we who are awake to reality of what is happening.


My dream, June 4, 2022

I was walking down a one lane road on the right of the two packed-gravel tire tracks. On each side, I saw disturbing things happening: people running frantically, children standing alone sobbing for their parents, and I hurried, because in front of me was a man riding on the white horse I recognized as one I used to own, but riding erratically, as if he were drunk and causing the horse to weave beneath him, from one side of the road to another.

The man rode the horse into the side of a semi-collapsed building, and I followed in the gaping side. Within, the man was gone, but the horse had fallen through the floor, which was already broken from the building’s fall, and was on its side with its back, saddle and all, against the wall, hooves flailing at the exposed floor joists trying to gain purchase and get up. I went to its head and took the reins, and was able to calm the horse and help it up and out of the building.

I felt its legs and pulse and the horse, obviously calmed by my presence, in trust stood without being tied. The saddle was western and the man had been tall, and I only think I am (tall). Standing on the horse’s left side, I tried adjust the stirrups, but it was an old saddle and the steel slide buckles were stuck, so I just undid the girth and threw the saddle to the ground to ride bareback. I had to get to my family to help them fast: things were falling apart and it was apocalyptic.

I reached to his head (it was a gelding) to throw the reins over and jump on, but noticed that the left rein was literally hanging onto the bit by one single white thread. As I held it in my hands considering how I could repair it, suddenly my daughter appeared at my side, holding on her outstretched palms a perfect circle of coiled white heavy duty carpet and leather thread on a heavy needle, saying “This is what you need, Mom”, and I woke up knowing it was a prophetic dream.

The day before I had done the ultimate act of faith in regard to my children and grandchildren and the imminent rapture.

I knew the dream was from God.


Thank you for hearing.
I pray you, too, will believe, and walk in Faith.

Bareback On Isabelle, 2012
Bareback on my Percheron Isabelle, 2012

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