May 21, 2021: My new book the 191-page THE ROPEWORM PROTOCOL BIBLE HUMAN ASCENSION MANUAL is available HERE and includes all major homeopathic parasite protocols and fifty high-resolution color photographs


July 3, 2021
Originally published here on December 8, 2020
(Written on My deceased mother’s birthday, and I am certain she was full of parasites which were responsible for the evil she did to me.)

The cleanse is going well. On Day 5, I pooped out 20 of these dime-size yellow pods ( photo included) This is not undigested food. I don’t know what it is but whole batch of them were eliminated in one poop!

On Day 4, a ball of the serpentine strings came out, larger than a golf ball, all tangled up (6-7 ropes) and all looked like the picture previously sent.
I realize now after doing this for one week, that on the very first day, I believe I eliminated 2 segments of tape worm ( both 6-7 inches long.) I did not take a photo as I was not expecting anything on Day 1. It was a massive elimination and very messy, but in the middle of it were the white segments.
Now I keep a tupperware with water and soap in the bathroom with chopsticks.
I am getting the hang of this, feeling much better. Doing everything right! Thank you so much, this is the best protocol ever because of the incredible results!
[name withheld)

This email is from someone who is doing the protocol exactly as I recommend it, and the image  above is a large Fasciolopsis Buski fluke, something which plagues all of us. This client also passed tapeworm segments, and if they were 6-7″ segments broken off, indicate a tapeworm many feet in length.

Followers of my work, writing here and evidence I have presented on all fronts of TRUTH may be beginning to see the reason that Jesus Christ was actually crucified. Besides the fact that he was on earth as prophecied, the Most High God in the flesh to offer salvation – the WHY HE CAME, and HOW IT WAS HIDDEN – still greatly hidden! – is becoming desperately clear in this 11th hour that the Messiah came to teach humanity how to remove the devils – these parasites – from our bodies. This is why he preached the gospel that the Kingdom of Heaven was here. He taught people how to fast, be vegetarian, detox, do enemas – TO CAST OUT DEVILS, HEAL THE SICK.
They killed him for this, and hid the evidence, rewrite a false history, and fill human beings with parasites of all kinds – all their offspring, for they have no light at all.

Becoming a vegan, detoxing, being a verified germophobe (actually) are some of the things that we do to remove the polluting RNA and mRNA genetically modified alien serpent seed geneology from our bodies and because we have bodies of light from the atomic/Adamic cellular level, we actually regenerate. Because the rulers of this world use our bodies and their parasite chimeras control us with these worms and synthetic biology – and they always have. This is why the Messiah Jesus Christ came on a DNA rescue mission. Is this starting to become obvious yet?

Contact me for help casting out the devils.

All my love, and good going, anonymous client! (BTW this is a person in late middle age in the USA who has actually a pretty clean lifestyle for many years, so L@@K at what is in them, and imagine oneself, especially if a pork-eater! The brain tapeworms!)

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May 21, 2021: My new book the 191-page THE ROPEWORM PROTOCOL BIBLE HUMAN ASCENSION MANUAL is available HERE and includes all major homeopathic parasite protocols and fifty high-resolution color photographs

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