Light Without Boundaries: THE APOCRYPHON OF JOHN

October 7, 2019

DNA Ladder

“For although he told us this realm is modelled on the  imperishable realms, he didn’t teach us about the ladder… A little child appeared before me in the light. I continued looking at him as he became an old man, and… like a young man. I didn’t understand what I was seeing , but the one likeness had several forms in light. And the likenesses appeared each through the other, and the vision had three forms. He said to me “John why doubt; why be afraid? Don’t you know this image? Be not afraid. I am with you [plural], always. I am the father, the mother, the son: I am the incorruptible. Purity. I have come to teach you about what is, and what was, and what will be in order for you to understand the invisible world in the world that is visible, and the unmoveable race of perfect humanity. Raise your head, understand my lessons, share them with any others who have received the spirit who are from the unmoveable race of perfect humanity. The inexpressible one. The one rules all. Nothing has authority over it. It is the god. It is father of everything: holy one. The invisible one over everything. It is uncontaminated, pure light, no eye can bear to look within. The one is the invisible spirit. It is not right to think of it as a god or as like God. It is more than just God. Nothing is above it.  Nothing rules it. Since everything exists within it it does not exist within anything. Since it is not dependent on anything, it is eternal. It is absolutely complete, and so, needs nothing. It is utterly perfect light. The One is without boundaries. Nothing exists outside of it to border it. The One cannot be investigated. Nothin exists apart from it to be investigated. The One cannot be measured. Nothing exists external to it to measure it. The One cannot be seen, for no one can envision it. The One is eternal, for It exists forever.” – The Apocryphon of John, the Nag Hammadi Codices

In the Apcryphon of John, it is documented that Jesus visited to finish the conversation about our DNA, the GOD GENE CONVERSATION.
There is no upgrading the DNA per se, only detoxing. DNA rebuilds. If one’s DNA is of the light, one innately has the will to choose to align oneself as created unblemished originally via cleansing and rebirth. Light has no boundaries. We are that light. There is no fear, for that is illusion of influence. The ancients called materialized spirits as humans on earth the small, yet spirit is immaterial. The body kills the soul, and the mind is hubris.

The Apocryphon of John, translated by Marvin Meyer (the best version I have found, and Assyriologist Marvin Meyer responsibly translated the Akkadian texts with less bias than other researchers, I have found).


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  1. Thank you for nice post. Makes perfect sense.

    For me, up grading the DNA is actually activating dormant DNA (main stream science calls it junk DNA and you know why they say so!!); by increasing vibrations and not changing or replacing!


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  3. NH: “The one rules all. Nothing has authority over it. It is the god. It is father of everything: holy one.”
    This is a comforting thought but it has always left me with a niggling doubt. Wouldn’t this One get bored, and lonely, sitting there in endless time? If it wanted to know itself, to experience true relationship, this would require a schism, would it not? It would have to abdicate control, at some level, otherwise it remains a chaperone, and stays lonely….
    This is the basis for my fear.
    I know I am one of the smalls, a human who cannot really understand the Ineffable, but so was John, so was Paul, and James, and the others. So are you. What am I missing?

    1. The Nag Hammadi is one of many valuable sources of ancient thinking and documentation of life past, but being transcribed over and over, loses in meaning over time, like any translation can. I know you have noticed different scribes noting missing marks, tablets, pieces of stories, and they fill in from what they know, which is always biased because they are also prey of the cymatics and powers that be in their time, and the benefactors funding their lifestyle, as art exists only at the whim of those paying the makers, and in their case it was pharaohs/kings=government rule/live-or-die in obeisance.
      So this thought that their is a bored god… another frame of reference from human ego. In popular culture the song by XTC “Dear God” epitomizes this (my era of punk rock) and as I found in the Baltimore Sun sunday paper magazine section at age 14 in the poem by Ed Bavis and paired with a photograph I made at age 27 YOU SAID LOVE IT ALL – this all comes from the social programming and Illuminati steering of all thought, knowledge and history people are taught outside of the East, and the conditioning of minds, bodies and destruction of the ability to access truth because the pineal gland is destroyed and people have veils over their eyes – why I created the ropeworm protocol I offer, and suggest beginning at 1-2 quarts a day straight flush PLUS the herbals and lifestyle changes…
      Digressed, oops…
      So @truthscrambler, there is no schism really except what is in your mind that’s been put there as monotheistic judaism combined with the power of the ego, which we all have.
      I had to detangle myself and it caused years of work and processes to do so, and extreme detox.
      Look where I am now, in the foothills of the MOST HIGH literally, where the waters of the firmament begin as they enter earth from above. The Holy Ganga.
      In the post I just did, I answered your question at the end, and I think it’s everyone’s “niggling doubt” and that’s from the identity fracturing done since this post-Indian early civilization holy wars began, predating the pharaohs but totally feathered serpent/Sama’el/darkness death personified. THERE IS NO SPLIT EXCEPT WHAT’S IMPLANTED IN THE MIND. This is why one meditates.
      I know I keep repeating myself to you. Keep asking me questions. I hope you will listen to the links I gave you when we talked in comments a week+ ago on your blog, ok? The last paragraph of the post :
      Just as there is no duality and the soul is consciousness, all times and places exist within singularity, which in itself is not a place, but the real, whereas this we perceive is all illusory phenomena created by sound. Once you can come to a place of comprehension of that notion, what follows is the lack of time constraint, and space, and all other paradigms of locus and identity. Those are, not accidentally, the very two pillars of function the entire surveillance network is based upon.

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