The trumpet-like sounds of planetary dimensional shift – WARNING, NOT WHAT YOU THINK, MUST READ

Edited October 16, 2019
File removed, article updated as follows (original below, but without sound file).
The reason for this is clearly explained AND this explains why with each generation, the recording sounded like voices in the background, not at all what my ears had heard, as the listener can hear me describing as I recorded the “event” [sic].

BEWARE OF THE DECEPTION BEING DONE WITH PROJECT BLUE BEAM, the holographic visual and aural events designed to soul trap.

‘Trumpet Sounds’ Warnings

Directly re-posted from the source post on the website THE TRUE STORY OF REVELATION TWELVE

The strange sounds being heard around the world that many are calling ‘trumpet sounds’ or ‘sounds of the apocalypse’ are extremely harmful to listen to. These sounds that were first heard in Kiev are mind control weapons given to the satanic New World Order by Satan’s ET’s.

Do NOT listen to the videos people are posting no matter how curious you are to find out what they sound like. Listening for mere seconds is all it takes to become demon possessed. (If you have listened to the sounds ask Jesus to heal you and free you of any of demons that have entered in)

(From Linda Newkirk)

Do not listen to these sounds, even briefly! These low-level sounds have a very terrible effect on the body. These sounds cause the lower nerve center of the body to oscillate at a lower frequency, to slow down in its circulation, and to open up. When this happens, demonic entities can quickly enter into one’s body. This lower neurological center is also the “seat” of the soul. This is the place where the soul is attached to one’s body.

When one listens to these sounds, one may experience an actual pain, or vibration in the lower abdominal area, or at the base of the spine. This sensation may be pronounced, or very subtle. Many may not notice this strange sensation at all as most people are not really focused on any inner sensations, but have their eyes and ears glued to the outside world.

These Satanists are not at all stupid. They know exactly what they are doing in pummeling the people with these terrible sounds. But, the people do not know and they are literally opening themselves to demonic possession, to very great mind control, and even in due season to the easing of the soul from its housing in the body, or in the causing of an unstable connection of the soul to one’s body. This, then, is creating something like a dissociative state
The unstable ones will fall first. Hear me in this. This is a very serious problem, but sadly many will not listen. Do not spend your time listening to these sounds. You may already be in trouble.

The Shaping of the Hive Mind!


Now, My Blessed Child, I know what you have in your heart and what you wish to know about. And, I shall now give you understanding about the loud and cacophonous sounds, which are being directed towards certain areas in the Russian governances.

My Blessed Child, who knows the mind of a bird, or why it chooses to fly in one direction, and not another?  And, who knows why some flocks of birds all fly in unison?

My Lord, you know.

Yes, My Little One, I know and relative to the latter, some speak of the “hive mind.”

Yes, My Lord, (they speak) of many, who operate as one.

Know, My Blessed Child, that this is the New World Order goal and the New World Order mindset. Understand?

Yes, my Lord.

Now, My Blessed Child, through their great assaults against their own people, many of whom are indeed godless, empty souls, the Russian/Satanic Alliance is intent upon creating one mind.

But, Father, how so?

My Blessed Child, through this barrage of disharmonic sounds, they are seeking to cause the people to emerge as one through the simultaneous opening of the lower neurological centers, which tie them to base human emotions, like sex, fear and dread.

With the opening of the lower and primary nerve centers, they are also preparing for a greater demonic infiltration/possession and a loosing of the soul at the level of the attachment of the soul, at the level of the lowest neurological centers. (Note: at the base of the spine.)

With the soul at loose attachment, they will also seek to drive some souls from their bodies, or to create a dissociative state for the body (and soul), thereby creating armies of automatons. This is one great experiment, but still on a small scale and will most assuredly work, especially on many of those, who are already devoid of My light.

However, My Little One, for those, who love Me, this is a time of very terrible and very severe trials and few will overcome the great inner stresses, which are created by this great assault on the lower nerve centers, if they do not remain extremely close to Me at all times.

To overcome in the midst of such assaults against these nerve centers will truly require that one loves Me above all and truly loves others. For, through true love, one will overcome. See?

Yes, my Lord.

My Blessed Child, you know what you have suffered, as you are the earth mother of My very own Son of light and fire, the holy manchild of Revelation Chapter Twelve; and you have suffered through great torture and persecution. Therefore, My Blessed Child, you know well the depravity of Satan and his many barbaric hoards and that you cannot fight these battles, but must surrender totally to Me, and die to self and to things of the world. You know that you must truly love Me and others and that you must truly forgive, each and every day, that you may be forgiven. My Little One, through your great suffering, you have learned much and I have supernaturally carried you through years of great terror, suffering, and heartache, but, My Blessed Child, the people sleep.  The spiritually blind and deaf not only do not see and hear, but refuse to see and hear.

The time of the great sorting is now.  This is the time that I warned of in previous times, that in the latter days, the times would be more severe that at any times since there was a nation.

The War of the Worlds

For, Satan and the wicked and rebellious ones, who fought against the light, have been thrown down.  They all know that their time is short and now you find yourselves in a war of the worlds.  For, they bring into your midst their terrible weapons and terrible technologies and you can in no way fight them. Therefore, all who, will not die to self and to things of this world, and who will not submit to Me in love and obedience, and with their whole hearts, will fall.  Many will now die in their sins. Many rebellious ones will rise and take up guns and die by the sword. Many will erroneously believe that they can rebel against the New World Order and its terrible weapons and live, but many, many will die.

I am sorting, busy sorting out souls!  And, into My palm go the pure of heart.  Though some (of these pure ones) will die a physical death, none of them will feel the sting of death. For, even though some of them will be martyred, indeed the appointed ones, all will leave with joy unparalleled in their hearts.

Send this out, that My people may read and understand.  But, the spiritually blind and deaf will not understand. They will not see and hear, though they read.

Read the full warning from our Saviour here at Prophecies Org

October 6, 2019

The recording was done on a handheld off-plan, non-WiFi phone voice recording, the sound transferred to a WMA file by playing recording into computer headset microphone, then had to convert the WMA to an MP3 online, and so in all these generations, the quality sufferers distortion and loss, kinda like humanity, but you get the picture.
It’s as if one hears the white noise static of voices in the airwaves. Not what my ears heard, nor the WMA file.
#cymatics #princeoftheair influence
Anyone who can point me to where I can upload the WMA, please let me know. Thank you!




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  1. Sounds cool! I wonder if I heard it right, anyway. I have trash hearing (I’m oblivious or or have selective hearing. So I don’t know) and sense of smell.
    Anyway, I have just finished scream raging into my hands and crying. Incredibly angry and frustrated. And an hour ago, give or take, I uploaded my post about frustration and manipulating time. I wonder if they are related. I am in the future. From you.

    1. Hello self <3 Stay strong! Emotions are false. The strength is in the stillness. I love you. Don't ratchet up their etheric energy collection by your tears and contracted muscles and muci=us archon worm snot. That's what it is. Be stoic. It takes work to reject passion. The Sons of Light are right about this. Passion is death star. Imagination limits our future, that post. Thank you for writing me here. Feel free to e me, K?

      1. It’d be super cool if my powers were evolving to include time, not just space. Righteous.
        I try to stay in control of them, but I’m just so much fucking air and water. I’ve got moody moon in my first house or taurus, and delusional Neptune in my Capricornu-coping (by a measly 4° thread) 9th house of expansive thoughts.
        Poetry and words help get me through. Though I wish i could be more helpful and actually useful than the pink spirited kirby, pinky pie (pinkamena more like it) eye in the why.

      2. They are whether you perceive it or not! You know all we perceive is frequency. I recognize your art self… me too. Do not lend overmuch to astrology. Find stillness in you.

      3. My way to stillness is the over-speed. Raising the vibrational frequency faster, not slower, and my stillness is found through relativity. People seek alpha or delta waves, and I’m reaching for myself beyond the beta to gamma rays.
        I like all sorts of organisational systems. A means of deconstructing and reconstructing frameworks and subconscious schemas.

  2. Reblogged this on mio401 and commented:

    Il momento del grande smistamento è ora. Questo è il momento di cui ho avvertito in passato, che negli ultimi giorni, i tempi sarebbero stati più severi che in qualsiasi momento da quando c’era una nazione.

    1. (English) “The moment of the great sorting is now. This is the moment that I felt in the past, that in the last few days, times would have been stricter than at any time since there was a nation.” – Mio401

      I believe so as well, brother. All I have read from the old texts (non-Religion Inc. ‘canonized’ [sicK] scriptures describes what I observe/experience, +/or others. The veils coming off, the way the Most High calls the true DNA children not meant to be sealed by the alien/fallen angel bloodlines – even, as I have met people who ~did not even know they had been chosen to be sorted as wheat and not tares~ – the high frequencies, the bodily and extrasensory experiences, the placements… … It appears to me that the N W O agenda plans, which range out to 2055, are a sort of “protection plan” ~they~ have legislated should the sorceric schemes of control on all levels fail.

      I mean, we live in a world where ~they~ have set up operations to DESTROY METEORITES (AS THEY CALL THEM) WITH THE SPACE FORCE.


      And people think Tr*mp is ~good~???

      Who would create a space net and weapons to try to destroy the MOST HIGH GOD?

      WHO COULD???

      The hubris of it.


      The war of this is fought in the heart, and you – each of you – are (if you are reading this you know who you are) ONE WITH THE MOST HIGH GOD who is EXPERIENCING CONSCIOUSNESS THROUGH YOU.

      It takes time for THE EVENT to happen, and they warp time, we know this. But it is happening.

      EYE LOVE HU.

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