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Six new testimonials – SCALES REMOVED FROM EYES

Six new testimonials – SCALES REMOVED FROM EYES

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At the request of the sender, the third testimonial has been made private.

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Reese Report comment on article TEN HISTORICAL EVIDENCES 8Nov2023
The comment above is from INFOWARS’ Greg Reese’s Substack here and is in testimonial form HERE and references the following article I wrote and have posted not once, but twice: TEN HISTORICAL SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCES OF JESUS.

TEN HISTORICAL SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCES OF JESUS – urgent repost of my November 2021 article

Here is my reply, with the background on why it became imperative to me to write it this article:

Thank you, @Amii, for sharing this important article. I was moved to write it in response to a couple I know who, affluent, early 70’s, educated Hippie-culture background, are deceived and caught up in the New Age Deception – they even follow Kim Goguen and think that Jesus is another ‘Ascended Master like Buddha’ and all the distorted misinfo taught by Gregg Braden and the entire New Thought religion of intentionality and Christ Consciousness (air quotes around all these terms). If people knew the TRUTH, I believe EVERYONE would become a Believer. Jesus the Christ called the Jews “the Synagogue of Satan’, and they trace back roots to the Freemasonry we see in the oldest relics and symbols to Mesopotamia and earlier, playing with genetics in all species, starting with ours (the Fall, Gen 6).
I encourage everyone to research the Shroud of Turin, and ponder this: WHY would NASA’s Applied Physics Labs send a team to study it, and why would the Vatican fudge the sample given to falsely discredit its age in the Carbon dating. why is it kept in a hermetically sealed bulletproof case filled with a non-oxygen gas?
And then there is the FACT that the archeologist Ron Wyatt found the blood and had it double-blind tested in two laboraties: and there were 23 chromosomes from the mother, and only one Y from the father. TWENTY FOUR TOTAL CHROMOSOMES: and it was ALIVE after 3 days of gentle swirling in Ringers Solution.
This is SATAN’S world and he is about to get thrown down to earth by us saints, and we are about to get RAPTURED, and THEN JACOB’S TROUBLE WILL BEGIN: Tribulation. (And yes, exactly what Agenda 2030 seeks to accomplish: the destruction of all life God created.)
God bless you Amii, Greg Reese, katie and all the saints, and I pray this will help the Elect who do not yet to believe to come to Christ – the way, the Truth, the Light, and all there is. Our conciousness is non-local, and either we will be with the CREATOR or be in utter darkness, for all eternity, each day afresh regretting in misery.
This will help:
For all disease is from parasites, beginning with the serpent in the gut. Removing them removes the scales from your eyes.

Revised November 11, 2023: At the request of the sender, the third testimonial has been made private.


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