Generally I refrain from election involvement, but I must share this Epoch Times article because this is what was done to me by AI powers ABOVE both GIECO and the United States Postal Service: emails were generated with false dates accusing me of not receiving mail required by GEICO to prove I was indeed at a new address, and yet less than 24 hours elapsed since I made the online change on a Friday night, and the postmaster at the local post office as well as the mail carrier said that all my mail was delivered to my registered post office address. I DROVE over an hour to the regional GEICO office Monday afternoon, and not only was it full of at least hald a dozen surveillance cameras, but I had to sign an affadavit and then was put on a RED DESK PHONE LABELLED THE HOTLINE and explained all of this to a GEICO manager in Chicago. She told me that the office that would have printed what I supposedly did not get hadn’t even printed the packet, as there had been a hurricane in Virginia Beach where their regional printing was done, and said “YOUR PROBLEM SEEMS TO BE A GLOBAL ISSUE ABOVE WHAT WE CAN SEE.” The workers in the office printed the packet she manually faxed to me from Chocago, and I learned the power of AI very quickly that day. Could this ballot fraud be the same? I say yes. And who is AI? IT’S SATAN, QUANTUM-STYLE.
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