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Two videos: PLEASE WATCH.

!!! ADDED on July 15, 2022

Two videos. All I ask is that you watch them, and think. THEN SHARE THIS PAGE.
I have been saying all of this (FEMA camps, human blood cement, liquifaction and soylent, surveillance – all of it), but not in video form. Perhaps seeing these will help. New Agers, Humanists, pagans and witches: wise up. So too you mid and post-tribbers: very, very soon it will be too late, and you will either pay with your life to refuse to be made Post-human,  suffering soul death in never-ending Groundhog Day-style torment, or you will be killed and liquified as Dr. Rima Laibow says. (And by the way, she is genuinely kind and compassionate. I bought her Vaccine and Mask Exemption cards in February 2021 after I was medically kidnapped and detained 3 days for speaking the TRUTH in public, and she’s 100% )

Dr Rima Laibow and Maria Zeee

Dr. Rima Laibow BOMBSHELL – Liquifying Human Corpses at Reeducation Camps


You can NOT hide, there IS no way to fight back, and humanity WILL NOT GET PAST THIS.



Revelation 14:14-16

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