I feel so sorry for the ones who are being controlled by demonic programs and think they are awake to what’s going on but really are so full of nano, parasites, toxins and controlled by Phase II BioAPI that their on-board driving ego makes them resist truth and remain stuck in their programmed distractions. as they echo sentiments of truth in half-truths, yet will not, CANNOT, adhere to truth themselves, because they are blind ot it on the deepest levels. It’s like they want to wake up from their nightmare but when asked to remove the covers and leave the dream, they resist and go back to sleep, secure in their lifelong identification with the archons driving their welfare, not the possibility of liberation from soul death.
It’s a big picture versus small picture idealogue, and they are victims of hypnotic programming and pharmakeia – and… foods!

Pearls before swine…

It’s like watching a grasshopper go down the toilet bowl when flushed.

Sidenote: I have updated FATAL ATTRACTION: THE MAGNET CHALLENGE MARK OF THE BEAST which is at with a second poor lost soul’s video, this time with car keys sticking to her forehead.

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