June 11, 2021

I have waited two days to give readers time to watch and reflect on these conversations, especially those who, like me, came to know Tony Pantalleresco and are grateful to him for being a part of our recovery – OUR SURVIVAL –  of the bioweapons Lyme disease and Morgellons syndrome. Bioweapons which we were used as guinea pigs to test the effects of nanotechnology and synthetic biology on, which our bodies rejected. Tony touches on that aspect when he discusses the latency and delays of some injection recipients’ reactions. It is with a sober honor I share this with each of you reading this. Hearing another person testify what the blood of Jesus Christ does for us is what must be done to bring the end of this mind-effingly omnipotent insanity (to borrow a *Killing Joke video reference).

TonyP: [31:28] “So the only thing you can do right now with it because it’s airborne, before it was in the telephone lines, then it was in the cable, then it was transmitted from tower to tower, now it’s the cloud. everybody has their information up in the cloud, you are feeding the AI information. Every time you go on the computer and do a CAPTCHYA you are teaching the AI information, and there are several different types of AI but the main one, nobody is seeing because that’s not what we’re dealing with. We’re dealing with either augmented AI or deep learning AI, that’s what we’re seeing. But the real one that runs all of them, okay, and you can go back to the Akashic Records, which is an AI network as well. That one, no one is near. So it’s using the human species, it’s using mankind as a means of power supply like inthe movie The Matrix. It boils all right down to the batteries, our DNA batteries. So when you’re talking about these [vaccinated] people [and when or if they will be damaged or killed by the injections], I think it’s just a matter, some have an instantaneous jack-in, they’re jacked right in right away as soon as they get the shot, some there’s an incubation period, and I don’t know why that is unless they are just holding back a certain number and waiting for htem to be designated into this, this AI network. I do not know for sure. I do know, though, if there IS an incubation period, there is a chance that you can surge that out of the body with a high power static charge. That I am pretty sure of. But, what I don’t know now is if it will work after they have been reprogrammed. That I don’t know. I don’t even know if it [the electric shock] accentuate that program even further; I don’t know that either. So there are a lot of variables I don’t know.”

Alfred Lebremont Weber: [33.29] “Yeah. So what do you consider to be the status of those 120 million Americans who are fully vaccinated now, who have taken the two shots? What would you think, how would you characterize their status as human beings?”

Tony Pantalleresco: “Dead.”

Weber: “Dead! They are dead” in shocked, quiet tone. “Are they irretreivably dead?”

Karen McDonald asks TonyP and ALW at 57:37 “where they see humanity going, and where the hope comes in”.

TonyP: “Okay, I’m of the biblical reference, so I believe in the second coming. I don’t think we have any other real option at this point. I think the planet has to run it’s course, there’s no turning it back at this point, the corruption is so effing deep, you’d have to burn the planet to burn off the genetics, the nano, the chemtrails, the frequencies… this tech has to be completely obliterated. And this has happened many times. This is not the first time this has happened. It happened a thousand years ago, many times. And the thing that gets me is that this has been repeating itself in any culture that has advanced, they all died the same way. All that sand you see in Egypt, all that sand you see in India: those are the remnants of nanotechnology, what was left of the people and the culture. That’s why you can’t find nothing unless it’s made out of silica or lead, because that’s all that’s left. The bible says ashes to ashes, dust to dust. When you sit there and analyze those two terms, ashis carbon, dust is silica. That’s all that’s left. So when we’re looking at what’s going on, I think there ~is~ going to be a remnant: those of us who are awake. I thin we’re going to wind up discarding anything that isn’t Godly. I don’t use the term spiritual anymore, because I think that’s just another overblown, hyped up term. My persepctive is that we will dump everything that’s ungodly that’s attached itself to us. That we will become more purified. That we will be what we were meant to be. That’s ~my~ thinking. I think that our only hope to survive is to be with each other irrespective of where we’re and whatever we think, get the perspectives that we need to get from each other to understand each other better, and then test for the truth. Because that’s the problem. We don’t test for the truth. We don’t hear a lot of stuff and accept a lot of things and alot of times that comes back and you go down the road and I tell you, I’m a biblical truther but I’mnot a churchgoer, I don’t believe in church or organized religion. I see all kinds of scientific stuff written in the scriptures. They’re telling you this, this, and this, and this is where we’re at now, they’re showing us this, they’re showing us this, but no one is reading it correctly, because we have been misguided by the so-called leaders.”

Weber explains the New Age Psyop Gaia concepts of increased consciousness and the earth healing ‘herself’, which Tony patiently and respectfully listens to. Then the conversation returns to whether anyone can be “brought back” soul-wise once they have taken one of these genetic reprogramming shots which utilize the nanotechnology, 5G, and all the other things we have been polluted with.

TonyP: “Again, at this stage, I really don’t know, but the longer that program stays embedded, for now, once it’s injected into the DNA, it’s a done deal. Like I said, I have seen some having a delaying effect, but, but: once it’s in the DNA, there ain’t no goin’ back. You’re done… now today I get an email from India validating what I said on a radio show last night, that the kill rate from the injections is 70%. It said ‘Are you tired of being right yet? The death toll from the vaccine program where they got the two injections is 70% fatality”. And that’s not including those who are debilitated, half-alive or however you want to define it, damaged, we don’t know how many of those are floating around. This is Planetcide.” (35:26 stop]

TonyP continues: [1:19:35] When I’m doing my videos I’m trying to target everybody. I’m not restricting it to anybody. I want everybody to have the tech and I’m giving you the tech. I’m not charging you, I am saying “Here it is, build it, protect yourself.” Because this is what’s required. This is what you’ve gotta do. You’ve gotta take what I’ve given you and you’ve gotta make it better. Because they’re gonna continue evolving their warfare, and you have to continue evolving whatever it is you’re doing to compensate whatever it is they’re going to be doing, because it’s never gonna stop. Never. So they have been manipulating us with this… dream… this frickin’ dream… and now most of us are shaking the cobwebs of this dream on every level. So like I said, I’m on my guard. I have to have all kinds of tech around me that I built that compensates for the assault. I get hit when I’m on the computer when I’m doing some research: BANG! They’re trying to get into my head with the voice to skull. I understand what that is, so now I know how to fight it. So like I said, I’m saying this to you, not to put fear, but to put the ability to fight in you, because we don’t have – you don’t know what’s going to kill you when you don’t know what’s coming. That’s when you get scared and panic. Once you know what’s coming, well you know what? I’ve come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass and I’m all out of bubble gum. That’s the name of that game. So be on YOUR game.”

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Excerpt: Alfred Lebremont Weber: [33.29] “So what do you consider to be the status of those 120 million Americans who are fully vaccinated now, who have taken the two shots? What would you think, how would you characterize their status as human beings?”
Tony Pantalleresco: “Dead.”

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  1. Thank you for your article and video. I have been following Tony P for quite sometime…for years when he was on YouTube and then later to his website.
    He has heart intelligence like yourself, quite rare.
    Take care of yourselves
    Love L

      1. I love Tony P so much. And you! So blessed to have found him years ago, and then you last year. I was divinely led to both of you…

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