CME ETA 444PM 25APRIL21 – G2 SOLAR TSUNAMI: “A wave of hot plasma and magnetism”

April 25, 2021, late morning into mid-afternoon EST, Virginia, USA (a deeply Satanic commonwealth and THE hub of witchcraft – Satan’s religion, language and entire paradigm of influence)

The earth is under an ionized chemical cloud cover atmosphere of charged nanoparticles tinged red with the trauma hallmark of never-fading Bilirubin red blood cells of all the souls sacrificed to Ba’al (Molech, Shamash – the Jewish named their Menorah helper candle after this Satan avatar, so much for sympathizing with THOSE Talmudic-Kaballah-forehead-cube-wearing black magicians who hide behind a lying narrative crying out “Antisemitism!”) in abortions and adrenochrome and organ harvesting ritual abuse Satan performs, all the red oxide tinging the air below the firmament being the corpuscles in these sacrificed bodies whose souls were subjected to terror in the Abomination…

The skies HAARPed to hide the falling meteors The Creator hurls, and all the Signs and Wonders we would be seeing, that would trigger so many to WAKE UP AND REMEMBER WHO THEY REALLY ARE…

The sky really is falling. This is not a theory. It has been predicted, prophecied and placed as foretelling evidence on rocks, in handed-down oral history, in sacred texts. THEY LIE TO US. I should know, I made the mistake of being married to a Washington, D.C. newsman from 2009 to 2014, who literally bragged on the forum in 2012 “I’m in news, I lie for a living” as if he was proud of it! Oh how my eyes are open to the Zombie Apocalypse, his first wife helped create as “Sally the Zombie Cheerleader” (her YouTube channel is still going strong). Why, Kurt even stole a $40,000.00 AVID video editing deck from his employer GANNETT, the corporation that publsihes the rag USA TODAY. When I told them that they ignored me, preferring to keep him on their employee roster as a slave doing their lying narrative bidding than to face being brought to justice by this one woman who WON’T SHUT THE EFF UP. Only money talks for that scum.
You can read a brilliant article exposing the darkness of psychopaths like them HERE

PSYOPS WORK ALL TOO WELL BUT ARE FALLIBLE FOR THOSE WITH DISCERNMENT. Busy finsihing the ROPEWORM BOOK, I have not been delving much into extraneous research, but I was first made aware by a “new age” Gaia-worshipping site that I get emails from and learned of this latest CME (I haven’t even been ‘following’ Hush Puppy’s Nibiru videos). But I write this article about the CME today because few “influencers” are mentioning it at all, and it’s imperative that human beings know what is happening, for the same reason I facilitate cleansing from the ropeworm, detoxing from all of the agents that The Enemy has put in place to craft survival impediments, and that I ceaselessly tell the world that there is AN EXTINCTION LEVEL SINGULARITY EVENT COMING. A few years ago I reviewed the BBC’s single-season series HARD SUN on this website – you can read that here
Every single human being who makes the truth of this impending event is silenced. Velikovsky, for instance. And Stitchen. And the book by Chan Thomas (a ‘phakenaim’ [sic]) THE ADAM AND EVE STORY was so sanitized before it was declassified that we can’t read the salient points. We can, however, piece together the pattern, and once it is paired with the evidence of the CME that occurred from within the body of JESUS CHRIST, we understand what the saints meant when they referred to rapture, or HARPAZO. This is why we have faith, why we detox and keep our body which is God’s TEMPLE clean, and we DO NOT TAKE THE MARK OF THE BEAST mRNA CORONAVIRUS INJECTIONS.

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So many people are awake to this on the island of St. Vincent where the Soufrere Volcano recently erupted that they REFUSED TO GET ON THE EVACUATION CRUISE SHIPS BECAUSE BILL GATES MANDATED THAT ONLY THOSE WHO WERE VACCINATED COULD BE EVACUATED.
Did you know that?
Do you wonder who is behind the chemtrails?
I implore the people behind anti-technocracy platforms (tagged) take their messages to the level I set the bar for here! TELL THE WHOLE TRUTH! THIS ENTIRE THEATER IS A STAGE TO HIDE THE COMING OF GOD HIMSELF! THAT’S IT!

That said, here’s a pastiche of what earth is experiencing today, and please know that THIS EVENT, THE CME THAT LEFT THE SUN ON APRIL 22nd, was SO MASSIVE that whever controls the recorders for the earth’s Schumann Resonance BLACKED OUT THE SPAN OF TIME THAT THE SUN EMITTED THIS PLASMA WAVE, so WE THE PEOPLE COULD NOT “SEE” IT.

But I felt it. Like I felt the most recent release of the demon named Elon Musk’s recent satellites on March 25th. I asked the man who so evilly failed me as a webmaster, seeking his own veiled agenda, if he felt anything that day, but he didn’t. When you are full of toxins and have scales on your eyes, that’s what happens. (A wolf in sheeps clothing, he is.)

Earth-facing sunspot AR2816 exploded into life on April 22, producing a C3.8-class solar flare.
NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded a dramatic shock wave rippling away from the blast site. Coronagraphs onboard the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) detected a CME billowing away from the sun hours after the flare — it is faint, but definitely Earth-directed:

This is a “solar tsunami.” It is a wave of hot plasma and magnetism, about 100,000 km tall, racing outward at approximately 250 km/s (560,000 mph). Such waves are usually associated with the launch of coronal mass ejections (CMEs)–and indeed, one has been observed.

And from “When a CME hits Earth head on,” says Dr. Newmark, “the results could be catastrophic to modern human society.”

CMEs, or Coronal Mass Ejections, are enormous bursts of superheated gas (called plasma) ejecting from the sun. They are powerful eruptions driven by kinks in the solar magnetic field.

The plasma itself is a cloud of protons and electrons carried aloft by the solar wind. Travelling at over a million miles per hour (1.6 million kph), the ejecta can cross the 93-million-mile (150-million-km) distance to Earth in as little as 8 hours. The resulting shocks ripple through the solar system and can interrupt satellites and power grids here on Earth.

“It could essentially shut down the Industrial Revolution,” says’s Weather Ecology Specialist, Frank Billingsley. “If so much of our technology and electrical systems along with the plants that supply them are shut down, then we are going to go back to the time of the Industrial Revolution.

Because CMEs get blown off the sun in all directions, most don’t come anywhere near Earth. But every so often, an eruption is aimed right at us. When the plasma cloud hits our planet, a geomagnetic storm follows.

As Earth’s magnetosphere continues to wane as the next Grand Solar Minimum (GSM) ensues, CMEs will have an even bigger impact on our modern way of life. Perversely, a reduction in solar activity weakens Earth’s magnetic field but powerful CMEs still occur, meaning we’ll be hit when our shields are down.

The “Carrington Event” of 1859 hit a ‘full-strength’ magnetosphere and induced one of the largest geomagnetic storms on record. People in mountainous regions of North America woke to start their day, believing it was morning, when in fact it was the middle of the night.

In 1989, Quebec was hit by a relatively modest CME which still took out enough of the grid to keep the entire province in the dark for almost twelve hours.

The Hydro-Quebec power grid went down in just over a minute, leaving millions without power in the middle of the winter when the average temperature was below freezing.

It wasn’t only Canada that was effected. The storm had residual effects reaching down into New England and New York City.

It also affected several satellites, including NASA’s TDRS-1, which reported 250 anomalies during the storm.”

Read more here: BUT REMEMBER! You are still not being told the whole truth!

It is for this reason that the evidence of the Shroud of Turin was hidden, and the Vatican refuses to allow a carbon dating test with linen specimens from the ORIGINAL FABRIC JESUS CHRIST WAS WRAPPED IN AND NOT THE PATCH APPLIED DURING THE FRENCH RE-WEAVING REPAIR DONE IN THE 1,400’s. The distance information left by the coronal mass ejection from within Christ’s body was calcuated at 34 Billion Watts.
THIS IS THE LIGHT THAT IS COMING THAT THE SCHWABS AND GATES AND THE REST OF SATAN’S AVATARS we know as DARPA, the CIA, the DoD, the WEF, WHO, the CDC and FDA and on and on and on, name the acronym, THEY CONTROL ALL NARRATIVES AND WANT HUMAN SOULS TRAPPED UNAWARES, to be soul trapped in the borg hell in the cloud which will be destroyed – forever.


But the actors of this world who have nuclear weapons as arsenals will be used by the MOST HIGH as what they are – actors – and the AS ABOVE, SO BELOW truth will play out as the plasma events – CYBER – and the escalated wars which are all FALSE FLAG EVENTS SINCE THE PLAYERS – THE OPPOSING SIDES, SUPPOSEDLY – ARE ALL THE SAME EVIL TEAM.

At the Singularity, the Coming of Christ, who IS THE LIGHT, and OUR GOD IS LIVING GOD OF FIRE, every knee shall bow and see the truth. Every single thing and event, every choice, in their life is recorded in their bodies.

The mRNA CRISPR genetic alteration shot is to turn off that light in a human which would return to the LIGHT from when it came at conception. THAT IS THE REASON FOR COVID.


So there will not BE another reset back to a stone age.
Just like in the Hollywood predictive programming film 3022.

Take the time – if you value truth – and visit all the links below to apprise yourself of the significance of what we are experiencing here on earth right now.


Satan’s beancounters have their say: they call it a CYBER ATTACK. That’s what one of the devil’s many elongated skull avatars, this one named Klaus Schwab, calls it.


I have written before on why the study of weather is termed METEOROLOGY. The lying narrative called Climate Change, or as it was disclosed in the 1954 edition of COLLIER’S MAGAZINE as WEATHER WARFARE, is the elite on earth, who are really Satan and his spawn, are fighting against GOD, and they are attempting to hide the SIGNS AND WONDERS OF THE COMING OF CHRIST, THE LIGHT OF THE SINGULARITY EVENT.

This is why they have poisoned minds and bodies and set up the 5G, GWEN, DEW and SATELLITE network. THEY are all related, and are interdimensional parasites. This battle is OLD – older than we can archeologically prove with extant findings. But the United States military DID remote view beings trapped on MARS 1.7 million years ago, And you can research Delores Cannon, Russell Targ, so many more.


The Coronal Mass Ejection that occurred on April 22nd and will contact earth today at 4:44PM EST is but one of many “birth pangs”.

“And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so.
And God called the firmament Heaven. And the evening and the morning were the second day.
And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so.” – Genesis 1:7-9

From we hear the sounds recorded as the Van Allen belt – THE FIRMAMENT – is struck by CMEs, revealing that SPACE IS A WATER ATMOSPHERE

“Using data from NASA’s Time History of Events and Macroscale Interactions during Substorms, or THEMIS, mission, the scientists discovered ­that when the magnetopause is struck by a jet of plasma from the Sun, it vibrates like a drum, with waves echoing back and forth along its surface, much like they do on top of a drumhead. The new discovery comes several decades after such behavior was first theorized.

“Given the lack of evidence over the 45 years since they were proposed, there had been speculation that these drum-like vibrations might not occur at all,” said Martin Archer, space physicist at Queen Mary University of London and lead author of the new paper. “Now we see that waves on the magnetopause’s surface reflect between two points near the magnetic poles — acting very much like a drum.”

Inside the magnetosphere, scientists have long been listening in on space sounds created by various electromagnetic waves. This veritable orchestra of waves can be heard as sound when processed correctly, and they even exhibit similar behaviors to certain musical instruments. So-called magnetosonic waves pulse through plasma in the same way sound bounces through wind instruments. Another type of wave, known as an Alfvén wave, resonates along magnetic field lines, just like string instruments’ vibrating strings. While both of these types of waves can travel anywhere in space, the newly discovered waves are a type of surface waves — waves that require some sort of boundary to travel along.

In this case the magnetopause acted as the boundary. When a plasma jet — the drumstick — strikes the magnetopause, surface waves form a standing wave pattern — where the ends appear to be standing still while other points vibrate back and forth — just like a drumhead. The fixed points in the wave, which are the rim or edge of the drum, are near Earth’s magnetic poles; the waves vibrate the surface of the magnetopause in between. While the wave itself remains on the surface, the vibrations ultimately work their way down into the magnetosphere and trigger other types of waves. “The waves likely penetrate far into the inner magnetosphere causing ultra-low frequency waves, which affect things like radiation belts, the aurora, and even the ionosphere,” Archer said.”
Source: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland [where I used to work – LRLB]

Additional evidence for a CME comes in the form of solar radio bursts. NOAA reports the detection of Type II and Type IV bursts shortly after the flare. These are usually generated in the leading edge of CMEs.

See also:

After all, NASA invented PHOTOSHOP to do the job!
The company ADOBE? BRICKS!
Bricks were made by the humans enslaved by the fallen angel builders! Blood and bodies are in the bricks, in cement, and in the Great Wall of China! HUMENT

THINK! The evidence is all around you.

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How should you best prepare to make the most of this high energy cleansing event called a CME? Soak in a hot bath of baking soda, borax, epsom salts and himalayan salt. Be sure to take Vitamin D and complex B’s, and minerals Iodine, Selenium, Boron and Zinc. Drink your distilled water from copper vessels (you aredrinking only disilled by now, yes?) and put your cerebral focus into creating, learning truth/studying previously hidden knowledge like the Essene Gospels of Peace. Fast or “Daniel fast”, make a joyful noise and listen to Solfeggio frequencies. AND DO NOT GO OUT AMONGST VACCINATED PEOPLE TODAY, AND AS THE DAYS GO ON, ISOLATE YOURSELF AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE FROM THEM. The Purifier (this system of Nibiru/Wormwood) along with the magnetic bursts is going to INCREASE THEIR VIRAL mRNA SHEDDING OF PRION FACTORS, AND THE UNVACCINATED WILL DIE ALONG WITH THE VACCINATED. So be on guard! I wrote about this two days ago here

I apply the THREE DAYS OF DARKNESS Marie-Julie Jahenny prophetic warning to how I comport myself in this time.
If I can do it, you can do it.


Note: I continue to observe out-traffic and note the other writers who visit this site. Do be mindful that plagiarism and intellectual theft is not only an earthly crime, but a soul-killing one.

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