March 28, 2021
Twice in the still-dark pre-dawn hours I was abruptly forced awake by supernatural forces; woken by angels. It is odd how I was awoke: the first time, my name was called, very distinctly, by a male voice, and I went out into the hallway, no one was there, no one called. I went back to sleep, and there were two sharp raps as if with metal knuckles coming from outside the bedroom window to my right, facing west – no one there. Deep rolls of thunder and ominous, horizon-to-horizon clouds. Biblical proportion plasma arc thunderstorm developing here. Turning cell on. This could be a big one – and I was told to wake up.

My waking dream vision of the End Times, age 19
The TEOTWAWKI vision I was given at age 19

Almost no bird sounds, save for a hawk keening after the second call. Muffled atmosphere, and it is for certain the chemtrail stratospheric aerosols sprayed are laden with FunVax and self-assembling nanobots and Morgellons fibers. The pressure from the 5G and satellites is indescribable.

This is when you want to fast. Food is for the body, and fasting is for the soul.
Today is a day to fast, pray and talk to God, to be diligent in your work, and to listen with obedience, not fear or a need to control. If you have a preparations for surviving an EMPCOE, that is good. If not, do that now, to the best of your ability, with at least three days of water, food and basic necessities.

The intentional blockage of the Suez Canal by the Evergreen tanker, to “Perfect Storm” the 3-day “supply on demand” food supply, AI-Biden’s human trafficking, transhuman 666 injection and destruction of the 2nd Amendment is waved in faces again with this “mockery: this is rumored to be the most economically important highway in China, and look at this – what happened today” – from JimStone.is


Witchcraft made visible as the reptilian world rulers (you know all the names) bring down the “Supply on Demand” food chain as the earth begins to melt“A truck carrying an Evergreen shipping container crashed and caused a traffic jam on a freeway in China this morning, and pictures of the incident went viral on Chinese social media platforms. According to information from the traffic monitor footage, the accident occurred shortly before 9:55 am today on the Changchun-Shenzhen Expressway in Nanjing. Following the accident, the truck was left askew across the road, almost completely blocking traffic, leading to comparisons with the Evergreen container ship currently blocking the Suez Canal.”  – Source

Our individual tasks are to remain strong in faith, not fear. Continue with whatever creative tasks or work you have before you: DO YOUR BEST. Heart intention and resisting succumbing to sin moment-by-moment and day-by-day is what makes our extradimensional Light garments. I am continuing the book and health coaching others to detox of all that will hinder our translation when that Singularity pulse comes. They are using the 5G and HAARP more than ever, with their understanding of how the soul leaves the body, from their Gateway Consciousness research. You must push past the brainfog they are affecting us all neurally with. Just keep BEING AND DOING.

And if they try to force you to get the mRNA transhuman 666 mark of the beast “Covid Shot” – REFUSE.


Its is our Faith they cannot take, and that is our atomic weapon. Literally.

Above all, whatever happens, resist evil, standing in refusal to submit until your last breath.

© Pastor Laura Rohrer Little Brooks, March 28, 2021
Author of THE ASCENSION DIET – EATING TO ASCEND to be released in mid-2021
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