Added at “7:37AM”, and that’s in BIG AIR QUOTES, the “time”: the sun simulator is in the east now, and it’s really obvious how they HAARPed the skies overhead here to hide the multiple light sources of the Nibiru system and the SPHERE OF CHRIST that’s coming.

July 2, 2020
Today dawn came from the north and the eastern sky was dark. Usually around 4:39AM the first peacock will call then be answered. Today I was already awake because I woke up due to the silence – the power was off, ceiling fan and refrigerator not running and no horrible glare of neighbors’ LED lights people are all so fond of subjecting the rest of us to.

I felt cold, which is unusual since the heat has been oppressive. Wondered what time it was – had awoken a bit earlier in dark thinking that the night seemed “stretched out” and longer than normal – heard at least four different types of birds calling to each other and answering, but no peacocks. Weird. So I looked out and to the north – the true north past that mountain – the sun was, well, no, TO THE NORTH THE SKY WAS ILLUMINATED LIKE FROM BEHIND AND BACK FROM THE HORIZON, NOT ABOVE. I went to the kitchen window, facing east – DARKNESS ON HORIZON, not dawn. And heavy clouds everywhere in all directions.
Where it should have been sunrise there was no light.

I did the morning things: wiping the marble floors, counters, incense, bed and all organizing to make my little cave-like studio ready for another day of honoring GOD.

As I looked at the skies I saw that they were all obscured by clouds and the degree to which my ears were ringing showed how heavily they were HAARPing and hiding the visual evidence of seeing the poles shift in the earth’s electromagnetic response to Jesus’ coming with the clouds: the Light which will destroy the dark.

I think of the red oxide of satanic sacrifices of all the ages, whipping the world with Saharan sands the red dragon described in the Kolbrin.
Prayer, repentance, love, foregiveness, trust.

A mass email from Patreon came yesterday, saying we have made it halfway through, but though they pretend it’s the calendar year, they mean Operation Lockstep.
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  1. Thank you for the important and timely post!

    While driving home after work, day before yesterday, I saw overcast sky in ORVM. Instantaneously, I also noticed that the sun was just hidden by clouds but there was some significant part that showed sun rays coming out and I just realized that sun was setting way up in north! Along with the curved road, I thought that it might be illusion because of the road!

    Thank you and namasté.

    1. I can completely visualize that! I wrote on this blog in 2018 how the huge planet Nibiru dominated the sky, have a post with video of a sun setting in the west and another in the north! The incredible sadness that the mind-controlled people don’t have the ability to see from the sorceries they are victim of is just so intense. The Kolbrin explains very well what is over our heads that they hide.

      On another note, there is a lone pidgeon who has spent the last two days waiting for its mate on the roof outside. It reminds me of my cat Elizabeth who waited four days in a blizzard at a gas station. That’s how I feel about my family. Imagine how God feels.

      Hari OM.

      1. Thank you for the reply.

        I think most of us are programmed to disregard disturbing information / proofs. That is the base, I think, from which one moves ahead to just peek at some selected disturbing information, intermittently… slowly moving ahead in time to actively seek the truth! I am hopeful that slowly people will start looking for things that personally less disturbing. It is a slow and personal process.

        I understand you. The difference between animals / birds and humans is connection with nature. Humans are totally disconnected! I have a hope that somehow you will be able to connect with them eventually.

        Thank you, namasté and Hari Om.

      2. Really beautiful insights, as always.
        Not quite ~all humans: there is hope and there is the dispensation of Grace from the Creator. The onus of this final earth’s age is the deep conditioning. Free will mired in unconsciousness. Ultimately God only will judge according to the biok of life their body parasites wrote. Incredible how simple it is, yet a paradox to most, ensconced in dualism and lies of their culture’s petrie dishes.

        The pidgeon is not there at the moment.

        Elephants. Wow.

      3. Thank you for the reply.

        I have a question. If someone is not awake, can the free will be called a free will?

        Yes, I do understand you about the parasites affecting human mind. World is full of paradoxes and encouraged / emphasized dualism!

        Oh, has the pigeon gone to feed?!

        Good! I like elephants, specially Asian / Indian, as they are less driven by hormones.

        Thank you and namasté.

      4. Right you are! Using the common term for others to understand.

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