Atomic thank you note

October 14, 2019
Hello _______!
It’s so good to hear from you! I sincerely thank you for your really genuine care and empathy!
It’s wonderful that the domain issues are resolved! As I learn more and more while trying to single-handedly build the front end, back end and all created content, all while living (!), without the help I have received from amazing people like you [and also at WordPress], I could not have done this. It’s all so overwhelming. Human connection is what helps a person overcome obstacles, second to personal commitment to a goal. #freewill Human connection is like fuel to keep the furnace going!
So I thank you with great appreciation!
I invite you to follow my blog (it’s growing into a website now, whoohoo!) and if you like, visit my forum at once it’s up and running. I should have that configured by the end of the week, I hope!
Eventually I hope to have a team! I have one, in a sense, in terms of a few dedicated “followers” and people I have helped to detox and learn truths that “the system” has obscured. Usually – and this is really sad, and was my own experience as well – tragedy befalls them as their life as they thought they knew it crumbles, and then, like a phoenix, they rise anew, learning new things… GNOSIS.
I’m pretty controvesial as far as “the establishment” goes, but I am not the first human being to have pulled the curtain back to expose the wizard of Oz.
Please stay in touch if you want to.


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