Another video I made last year that you were kept from watching, about the Hilina Slump and California

KILAUEA VOLCANIC ERUPTION’S GLOBAL IMPACT & THE TRUTH ABOUT HAWAII’S BIG ISLAND, a video I made and posted on YouTube on May 22, 2018. You have never heard it because I’m censored. But the momentum and ***dimension*** of the awakening now allows me to bring this forth here now, because our collective lightwork is ushering in the new age.

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~That’s my copy of 1984 I gave to my granddaughter Emily via Nichole on December 18th, 2018, two days before the cabal’s Sackler family and the China dragon Lucifer murdered her with Fentanyl. Nichole is of the Tribe of Dann, just as my children are, and my granddaughter Emily, and me. What a triple-header of DNA.




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  1. YouTube -not me – disabled playback of the videos on the YouTube channel I made, which has been hamstrung and shadow banned, like everything else I do
    I am silenced because I say the truth and turned the VIA down in my last year of high school
    – they don’t let someone who does that succeed. Paul called it in Ephesians 6:10-18!

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