June 6, 2019

This is today’s second post, and there may be a few more, so “stay tuned”.

I think I am the strongest person I know, and that’s what people tell me, hearing about just the high points of events in my life. If anyone has been selected to be a test case for how far a human can be pushed until they break, I’m that human who is unstoppable. All the murderous schemes from birth to my ex-husband to Lyme/Morgellons – MKUltra and child abuse on every level, into gaslighting and gangstalking by my ex and his ex and her husband, a professional hacker (yes, I know, but roll your eyes not, it’s true, I just don’t name names here) have only refined me: made me aware, wise and strong, purified by the truth, the Light inside me. I know why I was targeted, and those individuals are sick monsters.

This society of the world now is beholden to evil incarnate. Humans are toxified and brainwashed into complicity with Lucerfian agendas whether they realize it or not. The long game is playing out and we Light Workers feel the strain against us. It’s quite ridiculous how obvious the methods of attack are. The 5G and millimeter waves of HAARP geoengineering, satellites and drones overhead, unmarked cars with aimed weapons. The mind-controlled people in daily life who are controlled by the nanotechnology, heavy metals, molds, yeasts and parasites which distort and blind them and make them perfect pawns in the chess game against us.

Ringing in ears and tones in head on other levels that are not the high vibration or the Shumann Resonance. Immense fluctuations in sine waves that are staccato and aycnchronous and very unnerving. Shocks of electricity, random nerve pain, stabbing feelings… WE ARE UNDER ATTACK. Nausea, headaches, things coming from skin, anxiety or other fleeting waves of emotions. Memories you should not have triggered but come up. Feeling extremely bogged down even though you are well and enthused about what you are doing. People you interact with who aren’t enlightened acting like animals. IT’S WORSE THAN EVER – can it GET WORSE THAN IT IS NOW?

I’d fallen asleep last night after doing all the things I choose to do that we all should do if we are mindful, conscious individuals, and like a cartoon in neon psychedelic sound, an old fashioned bell ringer telephone rang in my sleeping head as loudly as a thunder clap! I jolted into instantaneous wide-awakeness and thought “YOU GOONS ARE SICK! HA!”, and listened to the heavy supersonic cloaked-craft trafficking of resources being off-worlded by them in this Nibiru crossing fly-by.
It is so evident that that’s what they are doing
It sounds like a spaceship freeway up there in the sky overhead.
There are no highways here. No rivers, no urban or industrial businesses nearby.

You see that I woke up this morning and shot many images of what they are doing to hide this from our eyes and our notice.

I just got this email, asking WHAT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT! Who was sacrificed, how many souls? Something happened, yes.

‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Original Message ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐
On Thursday, June 6, 2019 12:51 PM, name withheld wrote:
Do you have any idea what happened last night???!!!  The night of the 5th?  I literally was awake all night (rare for me) and I felt like I was going to be very ill.  So ill that it was intense and a little scary.  I started doing alternate nostril breathing (like the Indians do) and that helped a great deal!  My mom was up all night too and I heard my brother walking around   The frequency changed dramatically around here.  I’m in (a mid-atlantic state)…
What about you?  Do you know what happened?
My reply:
UNSURE. I do know that they are loading transports of human resources. Being psychotronically attacked in ways never before. Use all your tools to stand fast! I will tell you anything I discern, and am glad you wrote. It will get worse – how can it?
It was maybe three weeks ago that I had a first nearly sleepless night. That’s when I knew the 5G was activated here. A few weeks before that, I wrote here about the WiFi 5G remote-controlled-by-them municipal water hydrants, which enable them to deny humans water from their DUMBS, basically, and also the new fire, EMS and police vehicle sirens that are completely aggressive and inhumane. I wrote about the electronic doors, controlled traffic flow, surveillance cameras everywhere and parking lots being redone to enclose and trap people.
Readers, your input here is appreciated. I do know that the apostacy of the murder practice called abortion has been made possible, as is pedophilia and any use of children and adolescents as sex slaves. The human trafficking and this country allowing under the POTUS (a pawn, period, another Manchurian Candidate, they all are, and Q is a psy-op) illegals to fly without identification but people like me who were BORN HERE OF PARENTS BORN HERE, also US citizens, can’t. The censorship.  The ruined bodies affected by the chemicals and products and… ugh. YOU know.
WHAT YOU CAN AND MUST DO IS CHOOSE TO BE POSITIVE AND JOYOUS. Like my beautiful Applehead Siamese cat Viktor’s eyes and the nystagmus which was so endearing, we must each focus and re-focus and focus again, from our deepest inner gnowledge of who we are and the war we are in against evil.
Namaste and peace be with you.
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  1. Thank you dear friend for the post.

    All the symptoms of attack you have listed are being considered as individual problems and it seems that individuals are treated at whims of medical practitioners. Some of them have been felt, more on the mental side then on physical side.

    I was thinking why I take more time to fall asleep and you made me understand it nicely! A big thank you!

    I have heard the birds as early as 3:15 AM! I guess their senses are being messed with, too.

    Thank you & namaté.

    1. Someone argued with me the other day that “changes in barometric pressure” are what’s making him feel bad in all the ways we are describing here. That’s how bad the cognitive dissonance is regarding the entire issue of mind control, geoengineering, 5G and EMFs, Tartarus etheric energy collection, the Annunaki harvesting being done during this NIBIRU crossing HAPPENING NOW.
      I woudl not be censored as I am, targeted as I am, if I were incorrect. pERIOD.
      Time is an illusion. The birds are crying out for all of us.

      1. Thank you again for the reply, dear friend.

        I have noticed today morning that the first ray of light was coming from N-E instead of E! And I suspect that it was from the Wormwood! Also, I realized that the stars, when I see during early morning walk, have moved differently! Normally I see their movement from East to West, but I particularly realized that in recent they moved E to W and then towards SE! I am highly suspecting that Earth is tilted! Have you observed or felt that?

        I have also noticed that wind is not sweeping across the expanse but like moving in corridor! Somewhat akin to laser! I felt that in open space only in some of the area I was feeling the wind.

        I am interacting a lot with birds and recently a squirrel. Normally, with birds, we pay attention to each other on one to one basis. And with squirrel its very less frequent but I keep telling it that I love it and it stays at place intently listening to what I say for 1-2 min and then goes away. This was not in past but with squirrel I am not progressing much.

        About the time, I feel very strange! Sometimes, time is moving very fast and sometimes it is slow.

        Thank you and namasté.

      2. Yes, I have been observing and revealing it on YouTube for a few years now, but my channels are censored by the alphabet goons that they re-arrange my talking and replace my images! That is, IF I can upload. I cannot use YouTube and haven’t been able to freely since FOREVER.
        I have written about this since I started this blog, and keywords like pole shift, moon, stars, sky can be used to view my posts, photos and videos (if they are still “up” – I am very censored).
        Keep talking to the animals! I love them! They are our family! I cannot believe I used to eat them!
        Yes, time is all shifted and our dimensions are doing this as we shift within them. I can’t and won’t commit the hubris of trying to quantify it all into some assimilation based on science. I am so saddened to see others I once respected – and still do, they are just being tricked into the strong delusions prophecied – discuss a future where man can equitably and ethically live in a holographic future. That’s bullshit. That’s faking The Law Of GOD.
        Thank YOU, and namasté my brother. <3

  2. Thank you very much for the reply dear friend.
    I just want to correct the typo in my previous comments. It should be SW and not SE. My sincere apologies.

    I am going to take a look at your channel, after I am done answering to you.

    I also love the animals and birds. I have bonding with Rufous Treepie! At work they come and call me. So I peep out of window and greet them. Sometimes they sit on tree in such a way that it’s almost impossible to look at them. So, many a times I tell them to sit on tree directly facing the window and they do it! Sometimes I talk to Indian Mynah. They just speak to greet! Also I get some hi from ravens!

    Hmmm I guess we just keep good intentions and live positively.

    I am happily surprised to find me upgraded from ami to frere!

    Thank you and namaste.

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