Ba'al Diptych TADETA


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Ba'al Diptych TADETA

People’s immune systems are being destroyed by the mRNA genetic alteration shots with cellular temination instruction sets that prevent DNA from regenerating cells (a huge abbreviation of the process but we’ll go with that here). This is causing breakdown of all systems, sores, lesions, pus, postules, nerve ganglion pain (shingles) and inflammation, what is known as AIDS, cancers, blood and pulmonary disorders, etcetera.

Remember that Dr. James Giordano of DARPA said “We wanna make you sick”? They created STROKING AGENTS and the media is calling this SADS – sudden adult death syndrome.


When I was denied diagnosis and treatment for Lyme disease acquired when I sustained 25-30+ nymph tick attachments while surveying a 300 tract alongside the James River in Powhatan, Virginia on Memorial Day in 2015, I then developed what is known as Morgellons syndrome.

Morgellons syndrome is the body’s rejection of nanotechnology, synthetic biology and the bioweapon created on Plum Island outside of  Lyme, CT. This was all a prelude to the Covid vaccines [sic] and making trans-humans.

If you are interested in learning more, please purchase my book THE ASCENSION DIET EATING TO ASCEND Alkaline Diet and Optimal Health in an EMF Nano Toxic World. I know it costs $95.00 – it is also 784 pages and illustrated, printed on high quality stock – and I only make $1.97 cents. That’s all

I am so very censored. The AI has its grip on ensuring no one is interested. That this is Satan’s doing is the only explanation. It’s MIND CONTROL AND AI IS IN CONTROL OF EVERYTHING, ESPECIALLY HUMAN MINDS. Look what happened to Bill Cooper. Hundreds if not thousands of so-called truthers are repeating all Bill Cooper revealed in BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, yet he himself is forgotten almost.

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