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AUGUST 5, 2022

When The Great Reset happens, the transition will happen over a few days in a period of collapse triggered by the sudden dissappearance of millions of people.

Logging into one’s bank account, the funds are in USDR, there is a new “tile” called Social Score (tile: think PINK FLOYD’s bricks in the wall, and why software crafted to make the metaverse, really, is made by a company called ADOBE: a container, a one’s and zeroes cage). An email or Tweet about the changes and the bank account is deducted an amount based on one’s comments about this new world order.

Frustrated, a walk to the store to see if the bank card works at all, and see if money still works, jaywalking against a traffic light lowers the USDR balance by $75.00, and one knows because they were sent a text notification on their cellphone.

A quick selfie video complaining on social media what just happened and the bank account is frozen!

Running home, totally freaked out and frustrated, suddenly there’s no WiFi access. Isolation time-out.

Sharp knocks on the door: it’s a concerned team, alerted to do a “wellness check” based on app biometric activity.

What? Not vaccinated?

What will happen next?

This is entirely up to you.

Take the mark and get permission to eat and live, or be carted off for ‘re-education’.

This is what is about to happen: it’s already happening in China.

Look at Sri Lanka. QR codes required to purchase gasoline (no gasoline, no cars and no generators either, preppers).

So what this really is about is not fear, but fact.

There is only one hope, there has always been only one hope.

The window of opportunity is about to close.

It might be the 9th of Av (ish). In other words… DAYS.

Media narrative deceptive diatribes of  Pelosi’s Taiwan grandstanding, Russia/Ukraine, the middle east theater: GOG AND MAGOG.

Remember that in 2014 Vladimir Putin outlawed GMOs and all Monsanto products from Russia.


It is about more than just wanting organic foods and not allowing Western oligarch control to affect the health and economy of the people he is charged with; IT’S TO PREVENT THEIR MISCEGENATION BY NEPHILIM.

Now THAT is something to consider.

I am being criticized for not offering hope, and reflecting Jesus’ loving nature and approach to all in His presence.

There have been 2,000 years of love applied, and on my watch, at least online on this site, going on 5. First posts here be like GOD IS LOVE – TO BE WITH GOD, JUST LOVE


And YHVH is love. A furious love which does not tolerate any darkness at all.

If there are only days or weeks left before the cage door shuts, shall I offer chocolate chip cookies like the Oracle in The Matrix, or shall I show you the guillotine blade waiting for those who say I protest too much while celebrating their mentalism in false hopium?

What did John the Baptist do? (And yes, he was beheaded for it.)
Wake up.

Jesus is coming. His appearance as the solar flash in which those who are awake to his coming who embody God’s Holy Spirit will be the avalanche start when we are removed.
It will happen.
Everything else in the Bible has.

It is said that less than a 1/2 of one percent will be taken up before The Great Reset Tribulation begins. How pure our light must be if that is what must be removed before the fake alien / nuclear strike / false messiah man of peace steps in from the wings in which he is waiting?

NEWS FLASH! Obama never left the arena, and was given political funding for 200 entities after Trump took office.
200 entities equals 200 fallen angels.

How can I speak like this?
This is what happens when one stops eating dead animals and detoxes and fasts for seven years and unplugs from fake news, digital media and electromagnetic interference while reading all of the scriptures and ancient texts that the Vatican tried to keep hidden: severe sight that doesn’t “tickle ears”.

Exactly as it was written in Genesis 1:1 – Berisheet.

I have been coming from a place of hope and love since I was born. I am not deluded and I am not participating in the reindeer games, either.


Few indeed can know TRUTH when they hear it.

Will you receive it today?

I pray you do.

In Christ, who IS LIGHT ITSELF.

All my love,

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Re: https://mailchi.mp/120eb3659a9a/you-dont-have-to-left-behind

My SHIELDING APPROACH article from December 2020 https://eatingtoascend.com/2020/12/10/saving-grace-part-2/

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