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That Seven Nations Army of demons Satan summons comes from the ranks of humanity so deceived by the slow drip of programming that eroded any discernment they could have had – Godless creatures of Mystery Babylon – that they offer themselves up for the insertion of Morgellons U.S. Patented CHIMERAS and boy howdy does this piss me off, especially after knowing all the work the demons in private and state actor roles have done to use nanotechnology in scalar neuro-EMF applications to mind control the entire world.

This is a synthetic biology demon. Remember, size does not matter. Not only are they are parasitic and make the host part of their borg, they are what is known as synthetic biology, something I had to abruptly (comparing it to landing on the ground conscious after falling off the Empire State Building – aptly named [sic] – when I realized in 2015 that not only did I have Lyme disease, but I had Morgellons Syndrome, and I combed through all of Harald Kautz-Vella’s work and the work of many other cutting-edge researcher. That’s how long I have been at this.

And although I have been writing about this here since 2018, since many people find it easier to watch videos than read (and I don’t make videos, I am a writer and think critically, with less reptilian instant-gratification brain onboard than most), here is Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt on SOUL DEATH.

But let’s take it to the Nth Degree.
This is what people are skirting around.
Those seven who are dictating this world, the Council of Seven, they are referred to in Ephesians 6 as the Wickedness in High Places.
And they know that this earth is going to be destroyed by COSMIC FIRE in the Singularity Event that is coming.
The CIA tried to hide it, I wrote about that here, and explained to you how they hid the evidence The Creator (you say there is a “satan”, right? Well admit that there is ONE TRUE LIVING GOD!) left, which shows that Jesus Christ resurrecting was a CME – Coronal Mass Ejection – in one human body.

It’s time to stop being surprised that all the governments, military, medical industry, corporations and media are evil. But hey, that’s what the triumvirate of Fluoride, Glyphosate and Aluminum activated by the cellular frequencies was for! To allow your brains to be entrained and programmed!

Anyone – and I am talking directly to my biological family here, my son Max Little and my dear granddaughter Emily, daughter Emily Bruno, son-in-law Brian and grandchildren Rowan and Albie, and brothers David and Howard Rohrer – who takes these so-called vaccinations is taking what is called in the Book of Revelation THE MARK OF THE BEAST.

You will never pass GO. Sorry I sound like such a hardass. I love you so much it hurts.

They use geoengineering to manufacture cloudcover and storms to hide the signs and wonders, but sometimes they #fail:

From where they think their readers are all braindead useless eaters, and still recite their lying narratives with a backhanded, smirking comment “Following concerns, the Met Office commented: “As beautiful as the photos are, fortunately, the trails are only those of an aeroplane. Aeroplane contrails are long thin lines of cloud, usually seen behind an aircraft. This seems to be what has happened here, but due to the cloud line and the format of which the sun is setting, it has managed to catch this meteoroid effect which is very impressive” – a comment in the same vein as the looks Bill and Melinda Gates had when saying that a second wave of the virus would get peoples’ attention.

But who should listen to me? I’m just a silver-haired grandmother who was MK Ultra’d into losing everything, whose entire family was told she was delusional and that there is no such thing as Morgellons, that the Lyme disease was all in her head.

Now it’s common knowledge that they are injecting it into humanity to cause transhumanism and this is Satan’s fight against God as the earth is about to end as we know it. (The BBC even had a series about it.)

© Pastor Laura Rohrer Little Brooks, April 20, 2021
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  1. Isn’t the mark of the beast a conscious act that chooses worshipping the beast? This is why I haven’t been able to accept the vaccines as the mark. Can you explain how this is so? Thank you for all your research.

    1. Thank you Karen, for asking. It happens as a result of sorcery, pharmakeia and the strong delusioin, and people have been eroded, programmed, polluted and deceived by the wolf-in-sheep-clothing pastoral leaders, supposedly spiritual. Jesus warned us of what the pharisees, sadduccees and Romans (the Catholic Church is really Rome, it went underground and splintered into religions – when there is ONLY TRUTH, which IS TRULY LIGHT IN DARKNESS, establishing new age in tandem with Octagon, freemasonry, Satan’s world rulerships). Those who \repent of it must appeal to God directly. They added the name of the beast to their DNA breaking YHWH’s signature.

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