Morning 19Dec2020 quick share

The CYBER ATTACKS are the effects of the massive vesica piscis forces of The Purifier Nibiru System upon Earth. Witness the RED DAWN ON THE HORIZON,  use your eyes and SEE that out small earth realm is truly under a HUGE RED OXIDE ENTITY THEY MASK WITH GEOENGINEERING.

The SPACEFORCE they are amassing (go to and search recent articles, and John Helios of starforce just wrote about it, I commented) will NEVER DEFEAT THE MOST HIGH.

Your Covid attempt, the Strong Delusion, satan, is already failed. Jesus Christ paraded you and your minions through hell already, in His Triumph.

. You avatar of Lucifer and your “operating system”. You know what is coming for you.

We who are the Children of the Most High God and members of the body of Christ, the Bridegroom, aren’t fooled by your pharmakeia.

© Laura Rohrer Little Brooks, December 19, 2020 @EatingToAscend Suspended
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