SPACE-X Rat! What liars they are! (video)



  1. Thank you for the post!

    I am laughing a lot! 🙂 🙂 Just a rat showed how great things are! 😉


    1. Yep! I’m still laughing!
      It came up in comments under a Dahboo777 video about “the fifth state of matter” they “created” on the “ISS” – which like all other objects can’t get past the firmament AKA Van Allen Belts.

      Pidgeon came, waited, left, repeated. What a beautiful allegory for heart hope and love.

      1. Oh! 5th state of matter! Please send me the link.

        I have seen a video, taken by camera strapped on home made rocket by amateur enthusiast! When the rocket was stopped at maximum height there was a sound! I guess that video has been removed or I can’t find it.

        Yes, I think we are being taught something inside by way of behavior of pigeon!

        Thank you and namasté.

      2. Oh good you saw it too!

        Wonderful! Say hi for me to the pigeon when you see next time!


    1. Merci beaucoups! The merde levels are deep – all gov’ts complicit as one, all wars same cast and we their enemy. This entire SpaceX – Mars…
      Had you seen this Mars remote viewing doc? All I have on it right now…


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