An enormous umbrella shades planets from view. This gigantic structure is towed by a visible engine shown in the videos taken from FAA weather cameras.

March 29, 2020 Mobile Morgues Being Set Up Outside Indianapolis Coroners Office

Not only those on the frontlines are preparing for the surge of patients. Morgues are partnering with hospitals to alleviate the burden as the death toll continues to rise.

My note: They are using the social credit score system which treats people according to their health records that have been put into the blockchain, and know that your fate will be decided by those databases, if you allow yourself to be caught in the web of the medical systems. Prevention is key to survival, not treatment!

A Surgeon Explains The Coronavirus Timeline Is Longer Than You Think

Dr. Duc Vuong, world famous bariatric surgeon, author of 13 books, gives you the latest on the CoronaVirus timeline and when it will kill.

Why Obese People Are At Increased Risk For Bad Coronavirus Outcomes

Dr. Duc Vuong, the World’s #1 Weight Loss Surgeon and author, explains why the obese population are at increased risk for poor Coronavirus outcomes. The obese population has increased lung disease and comorbidities which leads to worse outcomes.

My note: They have been on a campaign to normalize obesity since the Eighties, after feminism, championed by CIA-operative Gloria Steinem (I should know, I was one of the first subscribers to MS. magazine back then, at age 22, and turned away the CIA, who tried to recruit me when I was in 12th grade). FAT IS PARASITE IN ADIPOSE TISSUE AND SETS THE STAGE FOR DISEASE AND DEATH FOR THE CABAL.

DIY Instructional video for sewing the Olson mask  for COVID-19 Coronavirus PLAGUE PROTECTION

(While doing this in a TOR browser window, I got this message on the left sice of the window I was copying the embed code from:

“Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network. Please try your request again later. Why did this happen?

IP address: [removed]
Time: 2020-03-30T05:12:32Z

They provide this info in the description:

UnityPoint Health – Cedar Rapids
14.9K subscribers
Sewing Fabric Face Masks
Thank you for your interest in sewing fabric face masks.
NOTE: These are NOT meant to replace manufactured masks.

Updated pattern and more information can be found at:
Just want the PDF of the pattern go here:

**The hospital will provide the filter, double-sided tape and hair bands and assemble here after masks are dropped off.**

UnityPoint Health – Cedar Rapids, Iowa has an adequate supply of masks however – they remain in short supply nationwide due to COVID-19. The hospital is looking to be proactive in addressing the possibility of future supply challenges. Therefore, St. Luke’s is calling all sewers to help make masks. Our hope is that we won’t need them, but we must plan for the unknown.

Fabric masks offer the benefit of being able to be washed and re-used as each healthcare worker will need to change their mask several times during their shifts, as the mask becomes soiled or damp – for maximum protection.

A new modular mask, The Olson, named after 1930’s legendary maker nurse Lyla Mae Olson, was quickly developed by clinicians from UnityPoint Health and is being shared across the globe in the fight against COVID19. A group of clinicians teamed up in the hospital’s generate prototyping space to create a series of experimental designs rooted material science and easy fabrication. No special instruments are required for fabrication, and the pattern is compatible with common mask patterns being released around the country.

Your time and talent can greatly impact our ability to care for our community members and help ensure our safety as we do. Fabric masks offer the benefit of being able to be washed and re-used.

They don’t have to be stylish – just functional. Non-matching fabrics, thread, elastics are fine. It just needs to be well sewn mask – with no frayed edges or missed seams.

Download the Olson Mask pattern here:

Completed Masks
Enclose completed masks in a closed plastic bag or closed plastic box.

We will launder them prior to use so no need to wash before delivering.
Please deliver to the St. Luke’s Foundation, 855 A Ave. NE, 1st floor, Cedar Rapids. Phone (319) 369-7716.


Again the warning!

“Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network. Please try your request again later. Why did this happen?

IP address: [removed]
Time: 2020-03-30T05:16:25Z

Now they won’t let me use youtube, so this will be it for links…

ATLAS Update | Upcoming 2020 Hurricane Season – What to Expect!

Photos and footage from the latest tornadoes in Arkansas yesterday.

And again, here is the pattern for the mask to wear to protect yourself and loved ones from the COVID-19 Coronavirus:

and instructions


And if you have the time to read, I suggest these two books:
Hind’s Feet on High Places, by Hannah Hurnard, (Kindle) and Foxe’s Book of Martyrs, (Kindle).


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  1. Thank you for the most important and urgent post.

    As I am going through your various recent posts. I just want to add that the most important reason that 5G severely affects immunity of humans. So, there has been many claims that 5G is causing the people to suffer and is termed as Corona- COVID-19. In fact both are related this way and not that 5G is causing the symptoms! There are few “dedicated” fact finding missions working in favor of govt. One example is .

    Thank you for all.

    Namaste and Hari Om.

    1. Thank you for commenting. I visited the link you shared, and read over the information given. Unfortunately, dear friend, that website is part of the controlled narrative which is being crafted and dispensed by all government, medical and media sources, and piggybacks every commercial enterprise doing business with an online identity, profit-driven ICANN designation, it seems. It’s like that video which shows all the tell-lie-vision news stations and broadcasters saying all the same things, same spin, different stations, different languages – all the same sorcery.

      This is not really a virus per se, rather it is an ineffective flu virus which opportunizes in immuno-compromised bodies and is triggered and controlled by low-frequency electromagnetic waves. Susceptible most are those with pre-existing worm loads which include the pernicious and world-wide lungworm and threadworm which causes the clear mucous and passes through the uterine wall and placenta and breast milk. The AMA and CDC are to be held liable in HOLY COURT for allowing “acceptable limits” of these parasites to exist in dairy for human consumption. This is one of the main reasons that people choose to become vegan: they are aware of the fact that this mucous is worms actually, with DNA and RNA of their own (the worms), and they choose to instead avoid the intake of alien DNA. And by that word alien is meant anything non-human. Doctor Sebi was murdered for teaching this.

      But the most chilling aspect of the bioweapon COVID-19 Coronavirus is the plan it sets the satge for, and upon which the subjugation and genetic as well as spiritual entrapment is dependent upon, and that is their staged CONTAINMENT PLAN, which will do two things. The first will be to invade a person’s body with a tracer material that includes more biowarfare ingredients, nanotechnology, heavy metals, FunVax and RFID tags, all of which will in concert make the human being a pineal-calcified, microwave-frequency puppet. The second will be to surveillance every living human being they have done this illegal and malicious genetic sabotage to, a complete dismissal of all human rights, is to then control all humanity as one great herd of cattle which they will cull, then use the fractional remainder as slaves.

      AI – artificial intelligence is already running this. In this article one can see how it is all laid out.
      Here we then come to understand that this has been a very, very long-ranged plan.
      What in the world could ever go wrong with having robots and artificial intelligence control what, how, when and even IF human beings eat?

      Have you watched MOON? (That’s an Amazon Affiliate link, so any purchase helps defray site costs)

      I was really shocked that you posted the link and your stance on this. I even wondered if someone “put you up” to writing what you did. Only people who are obese, full of molds, yeasts, toxins, nanotechnology, heavy metals and parasites will get this “virus”. The death rate broadcast on all media is an absolute lie. This orchestrated ‘epidemic’ is just the magic they are using to roll out the SCS and enforce it, reduce the population and attempt to survive the cataclysm that is coming. This earth is hell and they want to prevent all they can from ascending, which means translating beyond the dimensions that are conceived/perceived.

      I will stop here. It’s angels versus demons and always has been.

  2. Thank you very much for the reply.

    I guess you missed something in my comment! It is:

    There are few “dedicated” fact finding missions working in favor of govt.

    I am aware about parasite connection with corona! Corona copies RNA sequence of parasite For foot hold in them and later of human host. This is how it is problematic for us!

    Thank you for all.

    Namaste and Hari Om.

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