From a private exchange in the Ascension Diet forum:
March 27, 2020
I just realised that the coming of the Christ is individual and internal matter. For each individual, the surrounding world is tuned for his / her spiritual progress. It could be loosely aligned with someone else too but primarily ones own! In the further spiritual development the connection with same or approximately same spiritual level person/s goes deeper for the reason we are one.
What decisions one take based on the choices presented into his / her own world within this general world takes one further in the direction of the decisions taken.

The decisions taken means not only decisions taken externally or for living in general world and one’s own world but also in your mind. The mind chatter brings the change in one’s own world and the general world.

So ultimately the conscious efforts on mental level to control the chatter towards positive or helpful or loving ways change one’s world and general world slowly.

So, the coming of the Christ is one’s individual mental journey reflecting one’s internal and external decisions taken, in one’s spiritual progress.

My reply:
March 29, 2020
Yes. This is what we finally understand, and you reached the core of who you are, your SELF, past all the obstacles of duality, ignorance, conditioning and programming. This is the enlightenment, your baptism. The vesica piscis reached within past your own event horizon. You attained your star which beckoned you, as it is timeless, literally (reference to the Gospel of Judas).
And you had to reach to this level yourself. I am only a wayshower.

As you put it so well in a recent comment, time does not exist, so not only can we save our seed, our lineage, our progeny forward and behind us now as we perceive ourselves in the body our 21 gram soul inhabits, but as we are each one of us the superconsciousness, just as we cannot in this form name or quantify GOD, this LIFE FORCE WHO CREATES ALL, we also in some manner we cannot comprehend EACH ONE OF US COLLECTIVELY CHANGE THE TIDE AND USHER IN THE NEW AGE.

Religions would stone us for this, burn us at the stake for such heretical thought. That’s what dualism was created for: to decieve.

And so the Adiyogi taught us to meditate. Jesus Christ Yeshua came to live in the Vashistha Cave a few kilometers from me. But wherever we are, we are GOD.

Thank you, hari OM. The ALL will benefit from this.


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  1. Thank you for sharing.

    Christ also learned from a lot many traditions and cultures, eg Druids! He was teaching how to perform the miracles only to those who he found suitable, using center of palm, like Reiki!

    I hope that I can visit such caves one day!

    Thank you for all.

    Namaste and Hari OM.

    1. The more I read or listen to the extrabiblical and apocryphal gospels and texts, the more I realize why they were deemed heretical by what became the church and world rulers. What absolute LOVE AND POWER the supersoul consciousness who (not a who) IS LIGHT and IS what they seek to recreate at CERN, and control, what AWE I have for what we human beings who are soul vessels here to complete a mission to escape this soul trap world of third dimension punishment of error HAVE as a result of the CREATOR sending the WORD, OM, CHRIST as a manifested personage to help us now in this time after they hid all the evidence and texts that had been used by humanity to know who they are and rebuild (not have species amnesia) after the preceding resets.

      The THAT that IS ALL amazes me and you are so right about Christ as GOD learning from the Druids, and instructing what’s taught in Reiki. All that is true comes from what we cannot name.

      I haven’t been to Vashistha cave yet. I have been to the OM cave near Laxman Jhula, though. That is where the Ganga gave me a water halo <3

      Hari OM brother!

  2. Oh wonderful! I wish that you visit many caves and have a lot of water halos!

    Yes, the extrabiblical and apocryphal gospels and texts, they gives us so much information and leads to insights, it has to be treated that way! I simply am sad for what is going on!

    Sometimes, the child in me really fail to understand why we need all these dramas and complication of life when we can all live peacefully and lovingly!

    Thank you for all.

    Namaste and Hari Om.

    1. Thank you, and you too! I was able to be at the Ganga today, with a woman from Malta who has also been drawn here, this holiest of places, at this time, in the end of the age. I am incapable of describing in words the presence of the place, to stand in the water, in the mountains rising up right there.

      It IS truly wonderful that all of these texts have come to light in the last century, for this time, and so many since Israel was recognized as a nation state in 1948, fulfilling prophecy. For all the madness, there is spiritual continuity and love. We are so blessed to be here now.

      I really, really understand how you feel, saying” Sometimes, the child in me really fail to understand why we need all these dramas and complication of life when we can all live peacefully and lovingly.” Is this the angelic spirit we have emoting?

      You are so welcome. Namaste and hari OM to you <3

  3. Oh dear! What a blissful experience you have!

    I think purer souls are coming to the place driven internally, perhaps to meet and have a powerful spiritual communion to work wonders!

    Is this the angelic spirit we have emoting? <<< I don't know, the feeling has been since long.

    Thank you for all.

    Namaste and Hari Om.

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